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What is more powerful, a 45 ACP or 38 SPL?

I have a bullet collection, they are ordered by power.

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    .45 ACP is almost invariably more powerful. The muzzle energy of a .38 Special cartridge fired from a handgun is somewhere in the range of 200 foot-pounds. The muzzle energy of a .45 ACP fired from a handgun is somewhere around 400-600 foot-pounds.

    Of course, "power" is an ambiguous term, and I suppose someone out there has come up with a reason why .38 Special is more "powerful" than .45 ACP, probably based on how the .38 Special has killed more people in crimes, or some other obscure criterion.

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    The classic loads for the two are 38 Spl 158 grain and 45 ACP 230 grain bullets at about the same velocity. With everything else being more or less equal, bigger is better in this circumstance.

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    Force = mass times acceleration.

    The .45 ACP is definitely the more powerful round.

  • paret
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    I relatively have weapons chambered in the two, for SD I desire the 38sp +P golden sabers, fired from a ru sp101, mutually as a 9mm is in lots of cases greater of a attempt against around for distinctive objectives and vehicle's have a greater physically powerful means, i discover the 38 to be in simple terms as, if not greater precise than the 9, and much less complicated to reacquire the objective after firing, this is probable by using firing 38+P plenty from a revolver chambered for 357. I keep in mind my first 357 shot and became surprised on the extensive distinction in cringe. in spite of the incontrovertible fact which you do sacrifice some accuracy whilst transferring as much as greater effective rounds so in that essence what would seem as overkill, would relatively be underkill reason your no longer hitting your meant aim as generally.

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  • You will get a mountain of oppinions and some fact. Basicly a heavy. 44 or. 45 bullet should be a better stopper. It doesnt end there. A light snub in. 38 can be carried in the pocket and still is usualy effective too. You are far more apt to actualy pack your light snub. 38 than your. 44 special or heavy. 45 auto after the novelty wears off.

  • M'kay
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    45acp by far, in fact the 22 mag has about the same power as the .38 spl , its pretty weak.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    45 acp. No brainer.

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    here il give you a setup of well known popular pistol rounds in power from least to greatest.......22, 25acp, .380, .38spl, 9mm, .38 super, .40, .45acp, .357sig, 10mm, .357 magnum, 41 magnum, .44 magnum, 454 casull, .50AE, .460, .500.......the .357 magnum and the 10mm are supposedly debatable but stand a .357 mag cartridge nxt to a 10mm cartridge...the 10mm is half the size of a .357...longer the casing in most cases means more powder which means more power.......but for your question the .45acp is more powerful and has a better one shot stop record than the .38spl

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