HELP... Talking tommarrow!?

I'm going to be talking in front of a large group of people and I tend to forget what I prepared to say and say something so idiotic. I need help should I play sick or do you have any advice on what I should do to keep calm........

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    What is stage fright?

    Stage fright : A phobia which may be ignited in an individual by the requirement to perform or do anything physical in front of an audience of any size.That Basically means the fear or worry of making a fool out of themselves in front of any size group. Fear of public speaking (glossophobia) is very similar and rank up high in the most common fears. The major difference in my opinion between the two are stage fright for the most part has much more to do with you physically. Walking across a stage can feel like the end of the world to someone. This fear feeds off of anxiety . The more stressed out you are about your opening night or stand up class project the worse it gets. Stage fright is just one of many social phobia's and can happen to anyone not just performers like most commonly thought. Stage fright can happen in job interviews, meeting the In laws, class projects, meeting someone new or work presentations.

    What are the symtoms?

    It seems to me stage fright is a hit or miss kind of thing. You have it or you don't. This sickness you feel in your stomach before during or even after your task will be a key indicator. You want to know what you could be up against. Here are some useful symptoms to keep an eye on.

    serious headaches

    stomach pains

    loss of appetite


    loss of words

    sweaty hands (or sweat in general )

    self doubt

    dry mouth



    or vomiting

    Most of these are caused by high stress levels and can happen before of while your performing.

    You know what it is, Here's how you fix it

    The most important thing is to calm yourself down, think of all the positives no matter how hard the negatives trying to flood in. Here are some general ideas of what to think.

    " You can nail this job interview"

    " You look fine"

    "You practiced hard and know all of your lines and songs"

    "No one has ever died just because they gave a school presentation"

    Giving your self these little complements will raise your self esteem and make you a bit more comfortable.

    If that doesn't work than try something a little more you. Maybe listen to some music that just lets you ease up a little. I'm going to suggest slow songs, sounds of nature or classical but If that's not what you enjoy than don't bother because your going to get yourself all wound up and that will just add to your stress.

    Try drinking tea. Tea is a natural muscle relaxer so it should help with any stomach pains , head aches and also feeling sick. Many people find drinking tea to be very relaxing.

    If this still doesn't appeal to you then try some of these ideas

    just hang out with friends

    joke around

    go for a long walk

    take a hot shower

    or just read a book

    But in order to relax you need to let your guard down just a little.

    Something else you might want to try is eating. I'm not suggesting to get yourself a large meat lovers pizza with a soda and a box of twinkies and go to town. You need to eat healthy. This will make your body feel good and over all allow you to feel good. Meats and fast foods such as Little Debbie's contain lots of harmful chemicals (most of which I don't believe anyone can pronounce) that don't allow your body to properly function. Most of the packaged food you buy is made from "genetically modified" ingredients. To have a good steady flow and a happy body you need raw veggies or fruits. Nutrition is the key. This will allow you to think clearly and be calm.

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    As a Master Instructor in the Air Force, I taught, and spoke in front of, up to 350 people on a regular basis. I never did completely get over "stage fright" but I found the best method of overcoming it was to know your subject inside and out. Keep in mind, you are the expert. Don't be afraid of a few moments of silence while you re-gather your thoughts, and try to maintain eye contact with your audience. Practiced hand gestures and word emphasis usually looks contrived, and should be avoided. The audience is usually on your side, and are eager to hear what you have to say. Good luck with your presentation.

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    Say hi. introduce yourself. Tell her that youd really like to take her out for a coffe or something simple like that. If you dont actually know her yet you should ask her somewhere with a lot of people so its not as personal. She'll feel more relaxed that way and more likely to accept the date. Good luck. Hope you score. And you must remember this phrase. " Youve gotta wear the man pants". Learn it , live it, do it. Peace.

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