Taking Metra North Central Service to Six Flags Great America in IL?

I need to take the Metra North Central Service Line (purple on website) from River Grove to get to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. I know is you take Union Pacific North ( dark green) there's a bus that goes to six flags. However, since I would have to take North Central Service and get off at Washingtin St., I was wondering if there was a pace bus or a shuttle bus. In addition I know there are shuttle buses from Rosemont starting in Jun that run Fridays and weekends, but I need to get there on a weekday. ANYTHING HELPFUL PLS TELL!!!!

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    There is a Pace bus from the Mundelein station on the NCS Line that goes near Six Flags. It's Pace Route 572:


    You can board it on the north side of Hawley Street. This seems like the wrong side of the street, because the bus takes a short westbound detour on Hawley Street to go past the station even though it goes east on Washington Street past great America.

    Hawley is just north of the train station. You can wait for the bus at either the NE corner of Hawley and Morris (east of the tracks) or the NW corner of Hawley and Seymour (west of the tracks). The bus stops only at marked bus stop signs. The fare is $1.75 exact change. The bus will take you up to Washington Street and pass by the south edge of Great America. I know there is a vehicle entrance there, but I don't know if they allow pedestrians to enter there. If they don't allow pedestrians, you'll have to walk north up along the east side of the park to Grand Ave.

    Now, there are two problems you will face:

    1) NCS line service does not run very often in the reverse rush hour direction. You may have very infrequent service to choose from.

    2) The NCS line and the 572 bus stop running fairly early in the evening, so you will have to leave the park well before it closes. In fact, one weekdays, the last westbound 572 bus leaves Washington and Milwaukee at 6:32 pm.

    As an alternative, instead of taking the NCS line, you might consider walking up to Belmont and Cumberland and boarding the CTA 77 Belmont bus eastbound to the Red Line tracks at Belmont and Halsted. During rush hours, you can board a northbound Purple Line train there. At all times you can board a northbound Red Line train to Howard and transfer to a northbound Purple Line train there. (Do not board a Brown Line train.) Get off the Purple Line at Davis Street in Evanston. You will see the Metra UP North Line tracks just to the West. Walk over and board a UP North Line train north to Waukegan. (Note that the UP North Line runs on the LEFT hand side of the tracks.) There is a ticket office open in the mornings on the southbound side of the tracks, there is a $3 penalty if the ticket office is open and you board the train without a ticket.

    Get off in Waukegan and take the 565 Grand Avenue bus to the north gate of Great America:


    To get to the bus stop from the train station:

    Walk south up the hill about one block to Washington Street. Turn right, walk west on Washington Street one block to Sheridan Road.

    Board at the NE corner of Washington Street and Sheridan Road.

    You can, of course, take the NCS Line to the park and take the UP North line home since the buses and trains all run much later at night,

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    Metra North Central

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    Metra Ncs

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