What would you name 7 kids from the following:?

Boy 1:

FN: Hector, Alexander, Lysander, Paul, Samuel, Peter, Leo, Felix, Alistair, Elton, Anthony, Gabriel, Victor.

MN (Must pick two): James, Rex, William, George, Allen, Adam, John, Jace, Alexander, Lysander, Troy, Anthony, Gregory, Geoffrey.

Girl 1:

FN: Josephine, Lola, Petra, Anastasia, Penelope, Phoebe, Belinda, Sophia, Helena, Julia.

MN (also must have two): Nicole, Gabrielle, Arielle, Opal, Pearl, Violet, Serena, Jane, Jade, Angela, Alanna.

Boy 2:

FN (must pick two, hyphenated): Hugo, Jasper, Casper, Alistair, Jackson, Lucas, Benjamin, Joel, Zane, Sebastian, John, Tobias, Dion.

MN: Paul, Dorian, Lucas, Kennedy, Jay, Theodore, Elliot, Aubrey, Ray.

Girl 2:

FN (Must have two, hyphenated): Leia, Ariana, Viola, Portia, Tanya, Sarah, Jane, Jade, Lily, Celeste, Kimberly, Isabel, Audrey.

MN: Coralie, Juliet, Amber, Cassandra, Chloe, Isabel, Ella, Hermione, Eve, Annabel, Serafina.

Girl 3:

FN: Nicole, Josephine, Arielle, Angeline, Selena, Elizabeth, Jean, Serena, Kiara, Sophia, Paula, Angela, Alannis, Alexandra.

MN: Lola, Petra, Anastasia, Penelope, Phoebe, Belinda, Juliana, Alice, Ophelia, Sarah, Chloe, Eve, Evangeline, Persephone, Hannah, Clytemnestra.

Boy 3:

FN: Jasper, Ari, Glen, Joseph, Felix, Alistair, Paris, Christian, Hans, Aubrey, Maximilian, Marcus, Vivian, Arthur, Asper, Kyle, Michael, Stephen, Oliver, .

MN: Completely of your choosing as long as it has a 'b' in it.

Seventh child can be whatever gender you want but if you have a boy you must go with FNs from Boy 1 and MN from boy 2. If girl, must have first name from Girl 2 list but MN is from girl 1.

BQ: Which names do you like and dislike from these lists?

BQ2: What are your personal favourites?

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  • Leonor
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    7 years ago
    Best Answer

    Gabriel Alexander James

    Sophia Violet Pearl

    Jasper-Hugo Theodore

    Isabel-Jane Eve

    Alexandra Ophelia

    Arthur Abel

    Samuel Kennedy

    I like a lot of your names, I like that they are unusual and distinctive, but also old-fashioned and classic. The only ones I truly dislike are Paula, Angela, Belinda, etc, which to me just sound dated...

    My favorites right now are Henry Abel for a boy and Mary-Hadley for a girl

  • 7 years ago

    Boy 1 - Alexander William James

    Girl 1 - Anastasia Jane Gabrielle

    Boy 2 - Jackson-Lucas Elliot

    Girl 2 - Ariana-Isabel Juliet

    Girl 3 - Sophia Alice Evangeline

    Boy 3 - Oliver Benjamin

    Girl 4 - Lily Alanna

    == Alec, Ana, Jack, Aria, Sophia, Oliver, and Lily ==


    Like --> Alexander, James, Anastasia, Sophia, Jackson, Lucas, Elliot, Leia, Ariana, Lily, Isabel(le), Juliet, Ella, Annabel(le), Alexandra, and Oliver

    Dislike --> Hector, Lysander, Paul, Alistair, Elton, Anthony, Victor, Rex, George, Allen, Troy, Geoffrey, Lola, Petra, Penelope, Phoebe, Belinda, Helena, Nicole, Opal, Pearl, Serena, Angela, Zane, Sebastian, John, Dion, Dorian, Kennedy, Aubrey, Portia, Tanya, Sarah, Celeste, Kimberly, Amber, Cassandra, Hermione, Serafina, Josephine, Arielle, Angeline, Selena, Jean, Serena, Paula, Ophelia, Eve, Persephone, Hannah, Clytemnestra, Ari, Glen, Joseph, Paris, Christian, Hans, Marcus, Arthur, Asper, Stephen, and Vivian for a boy...seriously?


    Girls --> Anastasia, Leia, Ariana, Lily, Annabel(le), and Sophia

    Boys --> Alexander, James, Jackson, and Oliver

  • 7 years ago

    Boy 1: Leo Alexander James

    Girl 1: Julia Violet Jane

    Boy 2: John-Sebastian Theodore

    Girl 2: Audrey-Jane Ella

    Girl 3: Elizabeth Juliana

    Boy 3: Felix Beckham

    Girl 4: Lily Violet


    Boy likes: Alexander, Peter, Leo, Felix, James, William, John, Hugo, Jackson, Joel, Sebastian, Theodore, Oliver

    Boy dislikes: Hector, Lysander, Paul, Alistair, Elton, Anthony, Gabriel, Victor, Jasper, Casper, Dion, Ari, Glen, Paris, Aubrey, Marcus, Vivian, Asper, Ari, Dorian, Ray

    The rest I'm either neutral on or don't have a strong feeling towards either way.

    Girl likes: Anastasia, Penelope, Phoebe, Sophia, Helena, Julia, Violet, Jane, Lily, Juliet, Ella, Annabel, Serafina, Elizabeth, Juliana, Alice, Evangeline, Hannah

    Girl dislikes: Josephine, Belinda, Nicole, Gabrielle, Arielle, Opal, Pearl, Serena, Jade, Alanna, Tanya, Celeste, Kimberly, Audrey, Amber, Cassandra, Chloe, Angeline, Selena, Kiara, Paula, Alannis, Clytemnestra, Angela

    Again, the rest I'm either neutral on or don't have a strong feeling towards either way.

    BQ2: From the names I made, I like Leo Alexander James, Elizabeth Juliana, and Felix Beckham!

  • Angela
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Leo Alexander James

    Sophia Violet Nicole

    Benjamin-Zane Paul

    Sarah-Jane Annabel

    Alexandra Eve

    Oliver Robin

    Samuel Elliot

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  • kara
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Boy 1: Leonardo Jace Alexander

    Girl 1: Lola Arielle Violet

    Boy 2: Jackson-Alistair Lucas

    Girl 2: Kimberly-Jade Amber

    Girl 3: Sophia Evangeline

    Boy 3: Felix Reuben

    Girl 4: Ariana-Lily Jade Nicole

    Leo, Lola, Jack, Kimmy, Phia, Felix, Aria.


    Alexander, Paul, Felix, Alistair, Gabriel, Jace, Jasper, Marcus, Stephen, Oliver, Jackson, Lucas, Joel, Sebastian, Elliot.

    Lola, Arielle, Violet, Alanna, Leia, Ariana, Viola, Lily, Kimberly, Audrey, Amber, Hermione, Eve, Annabel, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Evangeline,

    BQ 2:

    Noah, Luca, Xavier, Reuben

    Evangeline, Charlotte, Ruby, Scarlett, Evelyn, Elena, Grace, Katherine.

  • 7 years ago

    Alexander William

    Anastasia Serena

    Sebastian-Joel Theodore

    Ariana-Kimberly Eve

    Kiara Phoebe

    Michael Joseph

    Celeste Angela

  • 7 years ago

    Boy 1- Gabriel James Allen

    Girl 1- Sophia Violet Pearl

    Boy 2- Lucas-Zane Kennedy

    Girl 2- Portia-Jade Amber

    Girl 3- Arielle Evangeline

    Boy 3- Oliver Beau

    Girl 4- Isabel Jane

    BQ: like- Leo, Jasper, Zane, Elliot, Jane, Ariana, Chloe, Hannah, Lola. dislike- Glen, Maximillian, Dorian, Theodore, Opal, Serena, Penelope, Persephone, Clytemnestra.

    BQ2: Jasper & Zane - Hannah & Lola

  • Kaydee
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Peter William James

    Sophia Jane Nicole

    John-Lucas Theodore

    Sarah-Lily Cassandra

    Alexandra 'Allie' Juliana

    Christian Brody

    Paul Elliot

  • 7 years ago

    Leo Allen George

    Phoebe Opal Nicole

    Audrey-Celeste Isabel

    Lucas-Joel Elliot

    Angeline Penelope

    Oliver Bradley

    Sarah-Jane Anastasia

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    1. Alistair William James

    2. Phoebe Jane Gabrielle

    3. Jasper Lucas Aubrey

    4. Isabel Leia Serafina

    5. Josephine Alice Chloe

    6. Oliver Felix Brandon

    7. Leo Alexander Elliot

    Al, Bee, Jasper, Isabel, Josie, Oliver and Leo

    BQ - Love:

    BOYS - Alexander, Leo, Felix, Alistair, Gabriel, James, William, Adam, Hugo (but prefer Hugh), Jasper, Jackson, Lucas, Elliot, Aubrey, Paris, Marcus, Arthur and Oliver

    GIRLS: Josephine, Phoebe, Sophia, Gabrielle, Jane, Leia, Lily, Isabel, Chloe, Ella, Eve, Annabel, Serafina and Alice


    BOYS - Paul, Elton, Anthony, Rex, Allen, John, Jace, Troy, Gregory, Geoffrey, Joel, Zane, Dion, Kennedy, Jay, Ray, Glen and Kyle

    GIRLS - Petra, Anastasia, Belinda, Arielle, Opal, Pearl, Angela, Alanna, Ariana, Viola, Portia, Tanya, Kimberly, Coralie, Amber, Hermione, Angeline, Paula, Alannis, Ophelia and Clytemnestra

    BQ2 - My favourites are James, William and Oliver for boys, and Isabel, Annabel and Leia for girls.

    - Ella :)

  • cvhs
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Samuel Troy Adam

    Helena Jade Gabrielle

    Sebastian-Lucas Elliot

    Audrey-Leia Eve

    Alexandra Chloe

    Michael Brayden

    Portia Arielle

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