Would you hire a diabetic nanny?

I have an interview for a nanny position and feel very confident that I'm qualified for the job. The children are 3 and 6 years old and I have a lot of experience working with children of these ages. The only thing that I'm worried about is the fact that I have Type 1 Diabetes. To me, this is not a big deal. I check my blood sugar every few hours, inject myself with a shot six times a day (I do this very discreetly and dispose of the needles very carefully), and if I go low I eat a pack of fruit snacks and then I'm fine. I've never passed out or had any major problems. I want to be honest with the parents about my diabetes but I'm afraid that once they hear that I'm diabetic they'll feel like I'm incapable of taking care of their children and won't want to hire me. My question is this: would you (as parents) feel comfortable hiring a nanny that was a type 1 diabetic on shots?

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    I'd say yes.

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    My sister also has type 1 diabetes. The issue for me is I know that if your sugar gets too low you can faint and I'd have a paranoia of a faint nanny with my children. But, my overall decision would depend on how well you are with the kids and your qualifications. I would just be constantly calling you to make sure everything is in tact.

    And I do have to say the way you handle the diabetes really shows how responsible you are. Which is a plus. Good luck.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't care. Judging by these answers, it seems like a lot of people know someone with Type 1 diabetes and know that it's not a huge deal if it's managed and that it doesn't detract from your ability to care for a child.

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  • Sharon
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    4 years ago

    I think mom becky wants to be a mom so bad that she went out and got herself some kids. the reason she has no control over the kids is because they don't understand where they are and they probably miss their home country and the they don't speak the language. and I will not be watching supper nanny

  • Mandy
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    7 years ago

    I would but my husband is diabetic so my oldest knows what to do just in case something happens. Be honest with the parents and let at least the oldest know. Maybe if the parents are ok with it, have the oldest ask questions about it. They should base the job off skills not a health condition.

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  • Max
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    7 years ago

    If it doesn't hinder you in any way from taking care of their children, then it doesn't matter. In most places, disclosure of your condition is required by law, while in others it is not. I would mention your condition, but only in passing and in a manner that puts the issue aside. Such as, if they say you can eat their food, you can say thank you, but I often prepare my own meals to watch my sugar levels. If they press, be up front with them. The worst thing you could do is not tell them and the kids mention you testing yourself in front of them or have them see your kit. Be honest.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I would have no issue with it as long as you're a good caretaker for my children. Actually, since my son has cystic fibrosis I'd feel a lot better with you as my son's caretaker because you know the importance of medicines and taking care of one's health.

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