How is it lawful that boys have to pay more then girls for auto insurance?

I know until like age 26 boys have to pay more for auto insurance than girls and I know that girls statistically are better drivers in that age range but doesn't the 14th amendment protect against that kind off stuff? Does it not extend to private industries and what not? Because I know in like jobs they can't discriminate between males and females just like they can't discriminate by race. So by that measure couldn't they discriminate the prices of auto insurance based on race as well as gender. I don't get how it's not illegal to do that, someone please explain!


You aren't required to get a job but they can't discriminate based on gender or race but you can in auto insurance. AND YES I GET MOST MEN TAKE MORE RISKS BUT IT SHOULD STILL BE ILLEGAL

Update 2:

The last part of your statement is exactly what I'm talking about how can it be lawful to judge on gender instead of previous driving record which I know is taken into account, but I think at the start of your car insurance you shouldn't be judged on gender. And it's not discrimination when your judging people on things they have done.

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    Why isn't it illegal for the Girl Scouts to not allow boys to join? Why isn't it illegal to give Senior Citizens discounts on their Denny's Big Slam Breakfast? Why is it legal to say that I am not allowed to drink until I'm 21? What about my rights?

    Listen to yourself. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

    Here's a newsflash for you, you poor exploited thing: Men take more risks. Men cause more accidents because men are more reckless drivers. All data supports this. Your suggestion is that women should have to pay more for insurance because men try to drive like Steve McQueen and have the manual dexterity of Steve Urkil. I would consider giving you a bit of a discount because you certainly whine and snivel like a girl.

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    Addition: Using all capital letters (the online equivalent of stomping your feet and shouting) doesn't change the fact that you are deluded. You simply do not understand how the law works. I get that. It is your question. But you have received several very good answers, much better than mine, that explain to you why this is legal. You're just not educable. Stop asking questions for which you refuse to accept the answer.

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    Great question. A few things first. The term discrimination is over used, just like free speech. So you have to look at specifics. For example read the civil rights act of 1964. It covers things like use of public facilities like hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc., voter registration, and private employment. The 14th amendment deals with citizenship and equal protection by government under the law.

    The core to your point is that the methods used by insurance companies is against some public policy. It is highly unlikely this is the case or they would have been challenged by a regulatory agency or sued. Also note that auto insurance is state regulated, so states set the rules, and there are some differences in what is allowed to be considered as part of the underwriting process.

    The state insurance board may actually have rules regarding allowed underwriting criteria, so the government entity charged by the state legislature to regulate insurance companies has said that it is OK to use a person's sex as an underwriting criteria. Hence legal.

    Ok, so how do insurance companies (and lenders) make decisions - by statistical methods that use historical results, older people get sick more so have higher medical costs so are charged more for insurance. A driver with a bad driving record pays more than a driver with a good driving record. Makes sense.

    The current state of accepted underwriting is it is OK to use sex (gender is a word for grammatical identification) as a criteria of underwriting. The other answers who were just saying it is OK because it is statistically correct were missing your point. In my state insurance companies do not ask for your race or religion, and I can ASSURE you that if they had that information you would find out some segments have higher loss rates than others, maybe Mormons are better drivers than Methodists, or female Blacks are better drivers than female Asians. But if an insurance company tried that there would be public outcry.

    One area that has gained the attention of the public and state legislators is the use of credit score in insurance. Mr A and Mr. B are both good divers, Mr. A loses his job, some of his credit cards go a few months past due, next renewal period his insurance rates go up. That really seems unfair.

    What can you do? Write a letter to your state insurance board and say it is unfair to charge different rates based on sex when there is no individual driving history. The rules should be for the first two years of driving there can be no difference of rates solely based on sex. It is OK to use things such as grades, advance training classes, or car ownership (car owner pays more than someone who uses a family car). If the person has an accident or ticket than the rates can be raised the next month. Good luck and send me note if you get any response.


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    Same reason girls pay more for maternity coverage than boys - more claims. It's NOT the same thing as raciallyy based charges. It's not about who's a better/worse driver. It's about who costs the insurance company more in claims. And boys cost the insurance company more - they have larger, more spectacular accidents, kill more people, total more cars. Until you pony up and buy maternity insurance, don't pull that 'sexist' card. It's hypocritcal of you, to NOT carry maternity insurance, just because you're a boy.

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    You've had enough people speak about the 14th amendment and fair discrimination. Now it's time to do something about it.

    In the past, females paid more for their health insurance because they have babies and they have more claims. However, the people who wrote 0bamacare decided that was not fair, so starting next year males and females will pay the same rate, which means you will have to pay for maternity care and birth control on your health insurance policy. You can use this as a basis to start a movement for fair and equal rates on car insurance. I'm sure 0bama would be all for this.

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    It's not about gender or discrimination. STATISTICALLY (according to the insurance company) boys are more riskier drivers than girls. For example, they tend to race more on the road. However, I really do think they should re-do their statistics considering with all the texting and driving going on. Both girls and boys (under 26) are equally bad drivers and should pay the same amount.

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    No, the 14th amendment does NOT say that everyone has to pay the same for their insurance, REGARDLESS of gender. Its Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction. This clause was the basis for Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court decision which precipitated the dismantling of racial segregation in United States education, and for Reed v. Reed (1971), where the Supreme Court struck down a law based on gender (with no "rational relationship to a state objective"[2]) — the first such application based on sex[3]

    Note, this is against UNFAIR discrimination. Just like women pay more for health insurance, because they have babies, and men pay more for life insurance because they die sooner, boys pay more than girls for car insurance.

    And unless you want to pay the same for your car insurance as someone with 3 DUI's and five accidents, you, too, believe in discrimination.

    **So, you think all men should be forced to pay for maternity coverage? Because hey, that's a gender thing! Look, not ALL discrimination is bad. Discrimination means, telling the difference between two things. Dating one gender, that's discrimination. Not wanting to drink sour milk, or eat raw liver, that ALSO is discrimination. Charging the guy with a mansion more for home insurance and property taxes, than the guy with the trailer - yep, discrimination. Charging HIGH RISK drivers more than LOW RISK drivers, discrimination. FAIR discrimination. Some of the factors that can help tier risk, are gender, CREDIT SCORE, past driving record, and AGE. It's FAIR, because the raw data PROVES that 100,000 boys will have more accidents - four times as much paid out in claims, roughly - than 100,000 girls. That's what makes it FAIR discrimination. THE DATA BACKS IT UP. There's no data showing BLONDS cause more accidents, therefore, insurance companies are not allowed to charge based on hair color.

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    No, the 14th Amendment does not protect against that kind of stuff. The 14th Amendment protects only against things that the government does. It does not protect against things that insurance companies, or any other sort of companies, do.

    They can't in jobs because of a law that says that they can't in jobs. By that measure, they can discriminate anywhere, except in jobs.

    It's not illegal, because no one made it illegal.

    It can be (and is) lawful because everything is lawful, until someone makes it unlawful.

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    Because statisticly us boys are more likely to need car insurance. Simple as that.

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    Insurance rates are based on actuarial statistics and it shows men under 26 are more of a risk than females, so they have different rates. Health insurance has higher rates for women than men.

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