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Does Bettman face pressure from Russia to reach a deal for Sochi?

I mean if he asks for too much from the IIHF and they can't get a deal done, Putin and the KHL big-shots are not going to be very happy with him if he keeps "his" players away from "their" Olympics. I know it's the conventional wisdom that they will get a deal done-but they are leaving it a bit late in the game are they not?

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    The iihf and khl need the NHL more than the NHL needs them. The only pressure Bettman is worried about is the pressure from his 30 bosses. Quite frankly I have to side with the NHL on this one the IOC thinks the NHL is going to shut down for 3 weeks and pay to have their players play in a tournament while the IOC gets boatloads of money and they take all the risk and get nothing is really stupid. put it this way the nhl players play at the olympics and Crosby gets another major concussion the IOC and iihf wouldn't give a crap and Pittsburgh would loose their star player. Does that seam fair to you?

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    Of course not

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