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Teacher harassing student ?

I'm currently a high school student being harassed by a teacher. I've recently found out that this teacher & one of her students have been reporting me & falsely accusing me , they both claim that I have cursed her out & said things like fat ***** , ho & other & other things that I have NEVER said. I had a meeting with the dean and my guidance counselor who refuse to believe me. My counselor has been aware of the tension between me and my chorus teacher ( we've had an eventful year , but I have never been disrespectful ) & she's refused to do anything. I went to the AP of music ( my teachers boss) who treated me very rudely , I've also reported this teacher & no actions were taken. My mother has spoken to her and she slightly disrespectful as well. I'm unsure of what other actions to take, I'm tired of dealing with this & I might get suspended for something I have not done.

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    Best to let it go. A teacher has the authority to do and say as they please within reason. Why would a dean believe you over an adult teacher? It would be wise not to take the matter further as it may label you a trouble maker.

    I have been through the same circumstances but as an employee reporting a belligerent manager who made my job difficult and gave me hell because I was a low paid blue collar worker and he was a high paid office lackey.

    This manager had more experience and social status in the workforce than I did as a young man trying to do a manual job.

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    You have a reputation that precedes this incident or people would believe you. If you had enough positive behavior in the past, then your word might be more valued. As it is, it appears you have had a number of infractions and people are feeling as though you don't tell the truth. Why don't we just say that this suspension is for something that you DIDN'T get caught doing.

    It is up to you to change your reputation and if you have been difficult to manage, it will take a long time. One step in the right direction would be for you to tell the truth about this matter, to the extent that you were involved. No one will take a liar's word against two witnesses.

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    I would recommend that give as good as you get from the jerks! Shoot them down in flames, watch them go down, crash and burn after which strafe the wreckage! Be certain to do it in front of the pukes they name associates so that there are plenty witnesses after which file the criticism through channels. It's going to stop. So far as doing things the 'correct' approach (labor board), overlook it: you can lose your job ultimately. At the least this way, if you happen to crash and burn, you can get your photographs in earlier than you go down.

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    try to get someone else to back you up on your case who knows you didn't do it so you can say i have blah blah amount of students who say i didn't do anything.

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    I don't believe you're as innocent as you claim. Why would anyone else believe you?

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