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What's a cool hockey twitter name?

I'm looking for a cool hockey name for twitter. It should do something to do with hockey.

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  • Kal-El
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    7 years ago

    Thee Almighty Detroit Red Wings.

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    Something to do with your favorite team and player. Or captains like mine, if I had a twitter, might be something like @Captain_for_a_reason33 or @BergyforSelke37

    Source(s): Go Bruins
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    --does it really have to be no more than 15 characters though? Can't remember

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  • mine is @germanflamesfan

    maybe you can get something like @britishpensfan or so, just take care that your name isn't longer than 15 letters.

    @ UpNorth: Last time I changed my twitter name, it was the case.

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    @DekeslikeDats13 which is mine






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