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Our dish network receiver wont acquire the signal?

We changed tvs out in one room and when it was acquiring the signal and was half way done someone hit the select button on the remote and now it wont acquire the signal. It has the error code 535 in the top corner. Does anyone have advice how to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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    I found this:

    "Hello Ruben, it sounds like you are experiencing signal loss and this is why your TV always shows the 535 signal loss message. If you have already tried performing a hard reset by unplugging the receiver from the wall outlet for 10 seconds the next step to try is a check switch test. You can perform a check switch test by pressing menu 6-1-1 on the remote, selecting check switch on the screen then selecting test. Allow the test to finish running and if you get an 836 error message, do not save. If the issue continues make sure to check things such as the all the cables on the back of the receiver, make sure they are all hand tight and the dish outside to make sure nothing is blocking it. If the issue continues after you have run through all of these trouble shooting steps you are going to need a tech to go to your home. Please email me directly with your account number or phone number on the account and I can get you set up with a technician visit.

    Cheri Torres

    Internet Response Team

    DISH Network L.L.C."

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    Sorry bob im a dish community set up tech and dish does now not use 1 LNB per Receiver it used one LNB per orbital place. Meaning one LNB per satellite tv for pc and depending where you are in the country and your programming it could be as much as 4 if in case you have one Receiver that works great and one that doesn't the hindrance is both a free connection or a connector acquired pulled out so the dielectric isn't flush on the connector anymore this most commonly happens when a television or enjoyment core is moved identification begin through checking the sat feed connections behind the Receiver if they're greater than hand tight you will desire a 7/16 box wrench to loosen them additionally the Receiver must be within the room it used to be initially hooked up in otherwise you could have it plugged right into a dead line but when the Receiver is within the fashioned region id start checking connections at the Receiver and work my means again thru the procedure i definitely hope this helps also should you wanna get fee's waived you want to speak to the "loyalty" department sorry bob but lnb approach with dish and direct are sincerely the equal every lnb appears at its own orbital locations and mixes the even and extraordinary transponders and sends that information to each and all recievers additionally for some added vain information orbital areas can have upto 32 transponders depending on the satellite tv for pc however natural programmind comes from best 4-6 of those transponders which differ by area and the best way a dish is "tuned" with dish network and direct tv is exactly the identical and i do know this since ive achieved each SBCA stands for satellite Broadcasting and Communications organization and covers dish community and direct tv satellite tv for pc installation

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    Error Code 4 Dish Network

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