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Powerpoint to Google Drive Question?

Alright, I am supposed to make a Google Drive presentation and technically not supposed to use powerpoint. Since i don't exactly use Google Drive, I was thinking to use Powerpoint and then upload to Google Drive via IMPORT SLIDES. My question is, can my prof see that i uploaded my powerpoint to Google Drive and did not do it there, or he will not be able to notice it?

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    Google uses its own proprietary Google file format for saving files. PowerPoint uses the Office Open XML standard file format. Unless you specifically export from Google in PowerPoint file format, Google file format will be used and your instructor will not be alerted to the source of your file.

    IMHO your instructor should be grading you on your presentation's content, not whether you use a certain brand unless this is a course about using the Google brand product features.

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    regrettably, you will in all probability would desire to remake it in Google rigidity. it quite is plausible to function a Powerpoint, yet till it quite is quite user-friendly it will look incorrect. additionally you may quite edit something once you upload it.

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