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why did you keep this website name yahoo?

i don't know why did you keep this website name yahoo? i don't get it

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    The legend of Yahoo

    The word "yahoo" is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle".

    The term "hierarchical" described how the Yahoo! database was

    arranged in layers of subcategories.

    The term "oracle" was intended to mean "source of truth and wisdom",

    and the term "officious", rather than being related to the word's normal

    meaning, described the many office workers who would use the

    Yahoo! database while surfing from work.

    However, Filo and Yang ( the creators) insist they mainly selected the name because

    they liked the slang definition of a "yahoo"

    (used by college students in David Filo's native Louisiana in the late

    1980s and early 1990s to refer to an unsophisticated, rural Southerner):

    "rude, unsophisticated, uncouth."

    Filo's college girlfriend often referred to Filo as a "yahoo."

    This meaning derives from the name of a race of fictional beings from Gulliver's Travels.

    You might not use yahoo, to describe someone who lives way out in the country, in the UK, as common as in the US.

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    Try deleting your cookies, Temporary Internet Files and history etc also if your homepage is Yahoo change it and see if there is any difference. also scan for spyware/virus...that should do the trick.

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    It is the name of the company, we are Yahoo!Answers

    They are just names


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    7 years ago

    of course you don't.. that's why you're the account holder and they're the company.


    that's why you'll never utilize trademark nor have a company with a profitable namesake accordingly.

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  • 7 years ago

    i totally agree

    i think it must be named lmfao instead of yahoo

    or ***

    or bbw

    or gangbang



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  • 7 years ago

    its better if u don't get it

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