My steam trading card beta is bugged?

I can't add the game to my games list because it says it's already there, but it's not there. I can't uninstall and reinstall, as it's not there. I can't collect cards because I don't have it, but I "do". Help!

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    8 years ago
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    First of all; asking this question here is pretty dumb -- you do realize that there is a whole beta forum on Steam for this, right?

    The Trading Cards beta is not a game, so it's not listed in your game list. In Steam, look at the header links at the top: STORE, LIBRARY, COMMUNITY, USERNAME. If you hover over the USERNAME link at the end (that will be your steam username, not the word Username), it should list: Activity, Profile, Friends, Groups, Content, Badges, and Inventory.

    Badges will show you what your progress toward Trading Card badges are, and the cards will show up in your Inventory; steam will alert you when you earn one. Look at your Badges screen to see what games you are eligible to earn cards for; you earn cards simply by playing the games. You can purchase cards and card awards from the market, too (which is under the COMMUNITY header).

    Edit: It's worth mentioning that the extra Trading Card Betas you have in your inventory are to give to your friends, so you'll have someone to trade with.

    If you're still having problems using the Trading Cards, you should report it to the official Steam Trading Card Beta group, as this IS a beta, and bugs ARE expected; they can't be fixed if they're not reported.

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    8 years ago

    I have this too.

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