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How much does it cost to start and operate a indoor paintball arena?

This includes

-decent sized building

-sufficient parking

-operating costs

-paying emplyees




-turf field

-electric bills

I know not all of you won't know exactly the price but on estimate how much do you think it costs to create the business and the net profit of the owner after paying expenses and employees keep in mind some money would be made by selling paintball equipment. I am 17 btw and might want to do this someday in the future.

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    7 years ago
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    It depends on the land you buy because I sugest you buy lad for it. Land average can vary greatly from 10k an acre to 500 an acre. If you want cheap land then buy outside of a city with land that has no tanks and trees because clearing the trees will cost alot. For parking I assume 50 spaces would work so call a local construction company and ask. For a main building a portable small house can work or maby a cheap building. For the actual field I would say to go ahead and go big with large covers and forts. The field could be around 30 acers an that would suffice. In all I would say around 250k for the entire thing.

  • Kyle
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    7 years ago

    It takes quite a bit more that starting an outdoor field. The lease on buildings is extremely high. Not to mention the utilities cost. Also insurance is very high.

    Indoor fields are incredibly hard to turn a profit. Thats why there are so few of them. They also dont provide the customers a range of optional fields to play on like outdoor parks do.

    Indoor fields are tough to operate and make money.

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