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i'm seriously drained i can't take it anymore?

I've already posted a couple of questions about wanting to commit suicide, it's become more and more serious every day. depression is becoming the core of me, i'm always exhausted and too tired to do anything but sleep. I don't care about my appearance anymore, and i rarely eat. I see a psychologist 2 times a week and my parents are really being supportive but nothing is helping. I'm really starting to believe that life isn't worth it anymore and i don't look forward to the future. I'm only 16. I've tried committing suicide 3 times till now but i always end up on a hospital bed. I dont want to do this to my parents anymore. please help me i'm really desperate. My friends are bullying me and everywhere i look i see people looking at me weirdly. i think im going crazy. HELP ME

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    Ask yourself how do you feel when you want to die? When I wanted to die, I thought that the suicidal thought was cool and grand, or that it was a vacation I could take to get away from it all. I felt like yelling at myself for failures and I wanted to wipe away my sins of imperfection by suicide. It's where I could escape from and not have to deal with reality, which was too hard for me to take. I wanted to cause attention to me by being absent in school and thought it would also cause attention to be absent in life. Everyone will be like, what happened to her? And they'll find out and be focused on me. I could even see everyone at my funeral. I wanted them to cry for me. I thought everyone could understand how I felt, that suicide was cool and grand and they'll see me cool and admire me for my bravery and sticking to my promise and facing my own challenge to die. I had no idea that other people thought differently and would not see it as cool and that they loved me. I did not know that there were no cliques in school and no cool gang, and I could not relate to people who could have positive attitude all the time. How did they do it? I did not wonder about that. I used to be 65% positive, which is a failing grade. But now I'm 95% positive and I can't believe that I used to think these things. Follow this rule all the time, no matter what: be happy. Don't forget. Suicide is not a treat or a vacation. It's going to hurt a lot and cause a lot of damage and ruin. Self-esteem is the key. I used to have 65% self-esteem, another failing grade, but now it's 100% self-esteem. I used to overthink what people say to me and have low self-esteem because of it. Now I am not interfered by anyone saying any mean thing to me. I'm immune and invincible. I wish for the happiness of everyone on Earth. I wish everyone on Earth feels loved and cared for, and that includes you. I love you and care about you. You should also stop looking at yourself and start caring for other people. Forget yourself. Your suicidal tendencies could be due to immaturity, inexperience in life, anger problems, or because you're in pain. Accept the past and don't regret what you do. Live for your big and small goals. Don't forget others. Talk everything out all the time. Don't keep it bottled up. Find people to talk to about your feelings, dreams, problems, and the solutions you come up for your problems. You have to learn how to problem solve. Learn to love your problems because it's a challenge for you to solve them and pretty soon they'll be gone. This book, Pollyanna, talks about a girl who's always positive no matter what and helped so many other people. It's a fun book to read. I recommend it to you. Also, even if you have your self-esteem, don't forget to be low and humble. Be humble enough to learn from everyone and everything in the universe. Work hard to be humble. Talk to people to find out more about them. Ask them what's the meaning of life. Get inside their head and see how they think. They think totally different from you and you have to discover. I dare you to discover and create beautiful things in this world. Never to destroy, including your own life. Observe everything, participate in life, be curious, and be humble. Ask a lot of simple and complex questions. Live for other people's happiness. Vow to be happy yourself in order to make other people around you happy, for attitude is contagious. If you are sad and upset, your loved ones will feel that sadness within them whether directly or indirectly. They will be affected as a result of your sadness eventually. Make it a good life for everyone to live by being happy. Spread your warmth like the sun. Motivate other people. Lots of hugs and kisses from me.

    Source(s): Wise and insightful people are also less likely to suicide. Look up insightful quotes on google images or facebook pages. Learn from those quotes. Talk about and share those quotes with others.
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    The solution to most suicides is just to move away and start a new beginning somewhere else. Make new friends and escape from the people you don't want to be around with. Maybe try to preserve a little longer until you graduate high school then decide to move away for college or work.

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    My advice it to get active in something you enjoy doing weather its sports, gaming, drawing! get active make yourself happy! focus on school! join some clubs at school or your local YMCA! And those people that are bullying you? they are probably going to be homeless or on welfare by age 22 LOL! they should be focused on school not harassing you! Be strong, don't give up! everything will be fine!

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    There are so many unfortunate people in the world who would kill to be in your place. Hungry people in third world countries, kidnapped sex slaves, poor people, homelesses, people sentenced to life in prison because they committed stupid crimes thinking they could get away with them, people with cancer, etc.... You are ok. Just try to be as calm as you can.

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    Go to this site, they have a number for a hotline on their site, call it, this site saved me from what you're pretty much going through.

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    We all have those days. You will get better.

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