SM entertainment and YG entertainment facts?

Hello~ I'm trying to know more about SM. Also, YG.

You know there have been some rumors of SM not being fair and rude to their trainees. Also, no fair pays for their bands.

For YG, they say that they're fair and square. All of their bands do good job and get tons of profit.

I really like SM, but just look at this thing which has been about few years ago..,;

^ such these things are making me confused.

Here are few of my questions:

1. Does SM really treat bands unfairly? Sucking up all the profits?

2. SM vs YG? Could you tell me every details about them?

3. Which entertainment is best for auditioning?

4. Which one is best? Living an idol life or an Idol life?

5. If you have some informations about salaries given to SM staff, bands, members, could you tell me some?

6. There are some informations that Sm has many trainees but some of them debut, is it true?

7. I think I have the looks to go into audition and dancing talent ( every one praised me for my dancing; they said i was born to dance. /not bragging ._. / also, i'm good at acting. My singing is not that bad too. But im not confident with it. I'm 16 and asian. I learned Korean on internet by myself which means i know how to read write. But I lack on talking, lmfao. So, any tips and tricks for auditioning?

8. I'm patiently waiting for EXO's comeback XOXO <3 xD ANYBODY WITH ME? lol

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    For YG artists, you get fair profit. Sm doesn't pay properly and there are a few law cases against SM human treatments. Sm also trains their trainees to the max and even when they debut they still push them to their limit. I think that you can tell how fairly they are treated by what they wear for causal meetings. For bigbang especially GD, you would see LV, givenchy, chanel etc etc. You look at SM artists and you legit don't see a lot brand name even though SNSD is really famous and gains a lot of money.

    Personally, I like YG more because the artists write their own music or attempt to anyway. YG elaborates on one's talent. I don't like SM songs because they're a bit weird, and all of the place. The english drives me nuts too. Few examples include

    - Sexy free and single, im ready too. Bingo. (WHAT?)

    -Roll like a buffalo (you can relate to this)

    -Because I naughty naughty. (k..)

    YG and JYP would try to not include weird english phrases. If you listen to the english parts to GDragon's songs they actually make sense. Epik High is pretty pro too because Tablo is an eng lit graduate from Stanford so their lyrics are really touching.

    The thing about SM songs is that most of the time, they have REALLY good dances to them. Run devil run, sherlock, Lucifer, or any SHINEE song really, Spy, any TVXQ dances, Danger. For SM, If you actually look a bit deeper in the company other than the main few groups, there's also Trax (theyr'e really good), The grace (unbelievable, they beat any other girl groups in SM. Listen to the sing acapella) and Zhang li yin.

    I'm not sure if you're new to Kpop but there's this thing that Kpoppers always say about the Big three when they are scouting for new trainees. SM goes for looks because they believe that singing talent can be made. YG goes for talent only because well they're YG. JYP is 50/50. They look for looks and/or talent. I actually think that JYP is leaning more to the talent side than the looks side.

    The entertainment you want to go to depends on you. If you're confident about your looks and your singing/ dancing/modelling talent go to any of them. Your chances of getting in if you're not korean is pretty low. Especially to YG because i haven't seen any non-korean speaking people there.

    There is no best entertainment. if you debut from SM or YG, you would probably be instantly famous even if you don't deserve the fame yet. If you debut from YG, everybody's expectations are really high because YG ent is known for their talented artists. Let me tell you that SM sucks at security and protection when their artists are in public. There were also 2 law suits filed against SM for violation of Human Rights.

    Salaries depend on how much you work. Yoona from SNSD gains the most money because of CFs, modelling, dramas, group activities and variety shows. Group albums are evenly split. I don't know how SM deals with salaries but for YG i think the idols have to give 30% to the company. GD gains the most because of Royalties, CFs, concerts, solo album sales. He owns a Bentley and he wears brand name so his pay is pretty good. i think last year his pay was 27 million USD?

    Yes it's true that they can kick you out while you're a trainee or you can just quit or you just have to wait and keep training. Companies cant just release a group every month you know. There are tons of trainees.

    and no i'm not with you for EXO comeback. quite personally i'm getting quite sick on how Exotics keep on complaining about how exo is taking forever for their comeback everywhere on youtube.. Many other fandoms have to wait for years to get their group's comeback why cant you guys be like them and wait peacefully. but that's only for the stereotypical exotic. I'm not even sure if you're like that. Sorry.

    This post is totally YG biased but what i said about SM is pretty much the truth. or that's what i heard from other people.

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    Sm Entertainment Vs Yg Entertainment

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    1. Do you think SM/JYP/YG will accept an 18 year old? >SM/JYP/YG will accept any age, there is no age limit of auditioning so if you are 18 then you can still audition. 2. If the company thinks I'm a good singer but I don't have the looks however I told them I don't care about plastic surgery and don't mind doing it, will I pass? >not necessarily, but it depends cuz for SM looks is the most important to them, but for YG, talent is the most important they dont really care if you dont have the look but amazing talent then they will take you, but for YJP i think they are random they take you wether you have the talent or not or pretty or not lol. but for saying you dont mind having plastic surgery hmmm i dont really know about it soz ^_^ 3. If the company thinks my skin colour is too dark but I told them that i'll take surgery or whatever it is to make it lighter then will they accept me? >some companies care about the appearance, but it doesnt mean that when you say to them you dont mind having surgery they will automatically accept you, talent is the most important. hope i helped lol :)

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    what are the criterias in joining in YG and SM entertainment ?

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