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Got caught smokin weed by principles D:?

I smoked before going to school and posted a pic of me smokin on instagram.. then when I got to school the principle tells me to follow him to his office and he told me someone told him I was postin pics of weed on a social network (instagram) then the nurse came in and took my blood pressure and of course i was freaking out and shaking and my heart was beating way to fast and they smelled my hand and he said he smelled marijuana on them then they took my phone and looked through it and found my pics then I had to follow her finger but yeah anyways they suspended me from school for 3 days until they figure out where their gunna put me. I'm guessing Aep but can they even do that because its not like I was smoking in school? And will it go on my record? Where do you think they're going to put me and for how long? Btw I'm in 8th grade and only have 13 more days of school before I start highschool.

And I'm going back on Monday to talk more about it. HELP ME!

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    You posted a pic of yourself smoking weed? Cupcake, that is a whole new adventure in stupid.

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    Some schools have rules that cover their responsibilities a certain time before and after school. It may also include a distance as well. This would be discussed in the handbook you were given at the beginning of school, that both you and your parents signed but didn't put the effort into reading.

    It's also illegal to smoke pot within 1000 feet of a school.

    Since you just *had* to put a picture of you smoking on the internet, the picture probably proves exactly where you were. So you have yourself to thank.

    You can try to worm your way out of it as suggested in your other posts, but your stupidity is continuing: you're admitting to smoking pot in a public forum. Smooth. Add fuel to the fire.

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    Ask them to provided verifiable testable evidence that what you were smoking in the picture was actually marijuana and not banana peals or tea leaves or catnip or other non-controlled substance..

    They will still put you where they chose to put you because they have the power of school policy and can use mere suspicion rather than verifiable proof....

    Also you should have a passcode on your phone so it cant be accessed and if possible a book worm app that will wipe the phones memory and files upon entering the wrong passcode if you phone can use apps.

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