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What event in life has taught you the most?

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    When I wanted to die.

    This was several years ago. During this time I was suffering from depression, problems at home and other issues in my life, and I thought the only way to deal with things was by self-harming and in the end it just became too much for me and I wanted to die, and I thought I was poison, life wouldn't get better and everybody would be better off without me, but really I didn't care about dying and I just wanted everything to stop.

    After that had happened I got some help and once I felt better (this took several years) I realized that life is too short and you only have one life so you should live it. I realized that the problems in my life weren't my life but they shouldn't be ignored and they should be fixed, so I learn how to deal with things and toughen up. I also realized that suicide isn't the answer and I am young, and what would happen to me if I had died, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything.

    Sadly a very good friend of mine, took his life and passed away. After that happened I sunk back into depression and again I realized that I had a lot more to give and more needs to be done to help other people who are depressed, especially in my memory of my friend, so now I'm going to become a counselor :) after I have finished my nursing training, I'm going to do my counselling pscyhology and mental health nursing training.

    But I learned a lot throughout that phase, that help is out there and you have to get it. Life is too short and at the end of the day you have to trust yourself and depend on yourself. Good luck xoxo

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    When my mother almost died from a infected cyst in her mouth. I was entering my rebellious adolescence at the time, and was very ungrateful. When my mom started talking about something in her mouth, I disregarded it and went on to hang out with friends, stay after school, talk on the phone till the wee hours of the morning.

    Then one day when I came home from school, she wasn't there. Her best friend called and said they were in the hospital. I remember taking the bus to the hospital and the entire time I was thinking: how did this happen? How come I never noticed anything before? I began crying on the bus because I realized how self absorbed I was and never once noticed that something was wrong with my mom.

    When I finally reached the hospital, the doctors informed me that she was close to death and needed to be watched over. I dedicated my summer and the beginning of my freshman year of high school to taking care of her. The thought that she could leave me in the blink of an eye terrified my 14 year old mind and I knew I wouldn't have anyone left in the world if she was gone.

    And now, four years later I am ever grateful to my mother. Yes we constantly clash over my grades, who I hang out with, what activities I will participate in college but I am always on the look out for her. She has been supportive of me from the day I was born and will always have my back.

    Her near experience with death taught me how precious life is. I realize now that life can be snatched away from you in a second and that day I learned a valuable lesson: don't take anything for granted and live as much as you can.

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    Getting into the National Junior Honor Society because it gave me a reason to get good grades and being made fun of because I'm part German because I learned to not stereotype people. I know those were two events but they taught me a lot so I put them both on here.

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    Don't expect any one in your life if you are not certain. when I used to study in high school I had a girl class mate whom I liked too much and she also had the same feelings for me. when we went out from the school and try to join upper school/college she left me and joined some where else. This gave me much pain and one day when she met me I asked her the reason why she didnot ask me to join there with her. She replied her friend did not like it. What she said made me fool or insane I don't analyse but I learned one thing never have a blind faith on any one. coz after ward it may give you piercing which will not be born by a person honest in love. Thank you.

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    A long time ago when I was 16. My best friend went behind my back and slept with my girl. I knocked him out for it. Taught me alot on the dangers and realities of women, relationships, and friends. I learned alot about myself as well.

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    I had my first big love die in a motorcycle accident.

    It taught me to tell those you love that you do, often.

  • Seeing how my 16 year old cousin got pregnant for having unprotected sex x_x

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    Apparently I must have been sleeping or not paying attention....cuz I'm almost 60 and still haven't learned anything :(

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    Everytime I make the wrong decision.

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