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Got caught smokin weed by principles D:?

I smoked before going to school and posted a pic of me smokin on instagram.. then when I got to school the principle tells me to follow him to his office and he told me someone told him I was postin pics of weed on a social network (instagram) yeah anyways they suspended me from school for 3 days until they figure out where their gunna put me. I'm guessing Aep but can they even do that because its not like I was smoking in school? And will it go on my record? Where do you think they're going to put me and for how long?

Btw I'm in 8th grade and only have 13 more days of school before I start highschool

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    You can say that it was roll up cigarette and you just wanted to make it seem like weed because you wanted to look cool to your friends. 8th grade is a bit too young to smoke weed and ****... I'm sure it will go on your criminal record but just say it was cigarettes so it doesn't get all big because the police will go after it as it is a drug and you are too young.

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    I totally agree that it is none of the schools business what you do outside of school.

    Unfortunately with schools being federalized and all the Socialist/Marxist laws that have been past the government is handing the authority that rightfully belongs to the parents over to the schools.

    Side Note:

    Don’t record yourself doing illegal activities and never ever post them on the Internet….

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    That sucks. Your going to get in lots of trouble. Never been caught at school luckily, but the people I know who have all get OSS and ISS. And of course there your parents to worry about. It might be a good idea to say that it was a prank and that it was something other than weed. They might go easier on you then overall.

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    Plead the fifth. Delete the image. Bring your parent into the ordeal and say that it was all fake stuff. Furthermore, if you get rid of the drugs, pipe, bong, etc... and then you have your parent in the ordeal, the parent can say that the school is harassing you.

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