Writers - What would your character see if they looked into the mirror of Erised?

For non-Harry Potter fans, the mirror shows you your deepest desire.

So, what would yours see?


@bluebell: I'm asking so that other people get to think about *their* characters.

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    She would see herself in the future with her mother, father, lover and son that got sent to the future probably all of her friends dead or alive would be there as well and in full health. My story is going to be tragic since it's about a cold, harsh war. All she wants is to live a life free of violence and this is beyond possible. That's why she would see this stuff in the mirror.

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    7 years ago

    The Thief would see a treasure.

    The Bodyguard would see her lost love.

    The Knight would see his home. With someone waiting for him.

    The Spy would see the horizon with a new adventure beyond it.

    The Detective would see an apartment with enough room for his girl to move in with him.

    The Old Master would see his apprentice taking up his hat.

    The Inheritor sees a whole new world.

    The Messenger sees the old world remembered.

    The Inquisitor sees a drink. A strong one.

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    It depends who. My characters aren't human but a secret race of magic peoples. I'm just going to mention the main ones.

    The werewolf (self-proclaimed boss) would see the villain dead, the race living in peace, and him being worshiped as the most powerful entity.

    The newest member (the main character of my story) would see her being with her parents, who she was separated from when she was confirmed as a magic people, and the world knowing about the race instead of it being secret (many of these magic peoples think it might be a threat to let ordinary humans know).

    The deathgod (who I created as the most powerful, perfect, and a bit stu-ish, seemingly having everything he needs and wants) would see him and the werewolf being together in a relationship (he is a homosexual, the werewolf isn't).

    The villain (tragic type) would see the race of magic peoples annihilated by his hand, then he will kill himself and be reunited with his first wife and son (who were killed by witch hunters) in heaven (or any immortal place of his belief, I haven't decided that yet).

    The villain's living son (from his second wife who is also a magic people, who committed suicide because marrying is breaking a law) who was traumatised by and ran away from his father, would see him a mother figure who loves and cares for him (he never had one).

    The villain's living daughter (also from his second wife, but the son and daughter never knew each other) would see herself being able to please her father, and get pampered in return.

    There are more characters, but these ones are the most developed ones so far.

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    7 years ago

    Here are some different characters of mine and their ultimate desires.

    - Some kind of happy scene with loved ones. Reuniting with the deceased

    - confidence and release from her suffering so she can be of use to her family.

    - Scene of academic merit or some other achievement.

    - A scene of perverted things and luxury

    - An escapist adventure.

    - popularity.

    - a scene where he is accepted or acknowledged by the community

    - My one serial killer character desires manipulating others. Maybe a human puppet show?

    - the happiness of her child she cannot care for any longer.

    - his son being cured of his terminal illness.

    - A life worth living

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    7 years ago

    I'm writing two novels, one sci-fi, the other a suspense kind of thing. The main character in my sci-fi novel would see what the intent of these aliens that are invading his hometown is. For the two main characters of my suspense novel...one would see herself reunited with her family, and the other would see himself as no longer be plagued with unbearable loneliness.

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    I'm a die hard Harry Potter Potterhead. I'd see myself on mars or anywhere in space with a wonderful space ship.

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    My character would see an escape from the infinite torture he endures. An escape he could never actually use and deep down doesn't want to use.

  • 7 years ago

    My main character would see his parents, holding their hands together and smiling at him.

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    7 years ago

    Me having a pet

  • 7 years ago

    i dont have any characters or anything.. i would see myself in Hogwarts and my family being proud of me!!

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