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Great Idol Korean dramas?

I've just watched "You are beautiful" and really liked it!

I like the whole idol, teenage kinda genre so please suggest me more great ones i can watch!

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    City Hunter is great! It stars Lee-Min-Ho.

    Boys Before Flowers

    Stars Falling From the Sky

    Those are all my favorites. Hoped this helped!!!

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    Korean Idol Drama

  • 7 years ago

    For the whole idea becoming an idol/singer theme I suggest watching :

    Dream High

    Dream High 2

    For the category of sitcoms (funny shows), that evolve around a teenagers life I suggest:

    Unstoppable High Kick

    High Kick Through Roof (High Kick 2)

    The Revenge of the Short Legged (High Kick 3)

    For the category of shows that evolve around a teenagers life I suggest:

    School 2013

    To The Beautiful You

    Boys Over Flowers

    Reply 1997

    *If I remember more, I'll edit the post*

    You can watch many of these shows on this website : Dramafever.com

    Although you have to watch a few ads to watch the full video, it has good quality videos, and subtitles.

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    Dream High

    School 2013

    Boys Over Flowers

    Reply 1997

    To the Beautiful You

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    Boys Over Flowers


    Playful Kiss

    Reply 1997

    Flower Boy Next Door

    My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox

    Dream High 1 (the second one wasnt't as good)

    Rooftop Prince (sooo funny)

    And don't watch To the Beautiful You .. it was not good.

    Full House Take 2

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    I watched you're beautiful as well & i loved it:)

    i recommend dream high, it's also about idols and teenagers wanting to become idols. There's also dream high 2 which you can watch afterwards.

    Some other drama's you could watch:

    flower boys next door is a romantic comedy, it's really funny and i really recommend it.

    Love rain (jang geun suk from you're beautiful is in it) i watched it once and i'm gonna watch it again ^^

    To the beautiful you

    Boys over flowers (i haven't watched it but i see a lot of good comments about it)

    Secret garden


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    My favorites= youre beautiful

    Rooftop prince

    Dream high

    Playful kiss

    Boys over flowers


    Love rain

    Flower boy next door

    Flower boy ramen shop, etc.

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    I highly recommend to the beautiful you.

    Both Leads are idols and its like you're beautiful. The girl is surrounded by cute guys...

  • 6 years ago

    You should really watch the korean drama called: 20's

    link: http://www.viki.com/tv/21654c-20s

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