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Frustrating ps3 problem.?

Okay so my friend gave me a ps3 a while back. I took it home, and set up the Internet which took quite a few minutes but it wasn't frustrating or difficult. The ps3 worked perfectly for the past 5 months I have had it, and about 2 weeks ago I went out of town so my friend watched my animals and I let him take the ps3 to his place. He had it for the past 2 weeks and I got it back today.

I will throw out there that all this ps3 is used for is Netflix.

Anyways I got it back today and tried setting up Internet, and nothing. I went to settings, Internet settings, blah blah, went through all of the steps like usual, and nothing works. It is through wireless.

I tried turning off the modem and the system, waiting a few minutes and turning them back on.

I've tried every option there is for the steps.

It keeps saying something about not having an LAN or something and says to go to security settings but when I go to security settings there is nothing there about an LAN...

All I want is Netflix. This is so frustrating!!! I've been trying for hours and feel as if I'm going in circles.

Please help!

I've read every forum on this I can find and do everything people say and nothing seems to work for me.

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    reconfigure your internet access.

    set it to "wireless" instead of "lan" when prompt.

    this will look for wifi connection instead of actual capable.

    one thing to note is that you need to remember your ssid (if you enable encryption security of your router)

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    If you're trying to set up a PS3 with a wireless connection and it tells you it's not seeing a LAN, that means one of two things:

    1. Your Router's wireless signal is too weak, or it's nonexistent.

    2. Your PS3's internal wireless adapter is toast.

    You didn't mention a Router either; I'll assume that's an oversight. If not, there's your problem.

    It's easy enough to determine whether or not your Router's wireless signal is present by checking other devices - obviously if they're connected and working, that leaves the PS3's internal wireless adapter.

    If it's a weak signal, it's likely due to RF interference. If you've added any electronic device around your Router or PS3 that can interfere with a radio signal, try turning it off to see if your PS3 can acquire the signal. Common culprits are cordless phone bases, microwaves, baby monitors, anything that generates 2.4 or 5ghz radio frequencies.

    If you haven't done so, re-flash (reinstall) the Router's firmware with the current revision, even if it's using the current version. That'll clear any problems while retaining settings.

    If it doesn't connect or see the signal on Easy Setup, and you're positive the Router's wireless signal is good, then that leaves the PS3's internal adapter. If it's toast, the only option is to get an external wireless adapter/bridge. Once paired with your Router, it connects to the PS3 via the Ethernet ports, then you set up the connection as a Wired connection. The bridge will then connect wirelessly to the Router.

    Follow the instructions here for both wired and wireless connections:

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    Hmm, well I happen to have a PS3. I can honestly say I've never had that happen to me. Sure, sometimes when I'm running it off of wireless it won't say I have a connection, but after doing the basic steps it work fine for me.

    If you've got an ethernet cord, you can try to plug it into your modem. They're pretty cheap and are ALWAYS more reliable than running it off of Wi-Fi. Either that, or your friend must have done something to it and must not have told you.

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