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【1】1. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been found in Costa Rica. It’s believed that they ______ by the ancestors of native peoples who lived there at the time of the Spanish conquest.

(1) could have been made (2) have been making (3) could make (4) being made

【2】2. I know I have been given so much care and love by my parents, but sometimes I wish they ______ just give me a chance to have a break.

(1) had (2) would (3) may (4) must

【1】3. Becoming better observers of animal behavior may be the key to surviving natural disasters. During the tsunami disaster of 2004, over 300,000 people died. No one has counted the number of animals _______ , but we know that it wasn’t


(1) killed (2) killing (3) had been killed (4) being killing




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    Q1. could have been made

    首先,根據上文下理,這裏是要用 passive voice,故此可排除 have been making 和 could make 這些 active voice 的東西。

    而由於 that 後面通常是用 SVO 句式,所以應用 could have been made。

    (being made 文法上沒錯,意思也差不多,但重點是一般幾乎不會這樣用。)

    Q2. would

    首先排除 had,因文法不通,是 had 的話後面就會是 given 而非 give (注意 perfect voice)

    must 也要排除,原因是 must 跟 just 用在一起很不自然。

    最後,選 would 是因為 would 能夠表達說者「很想」父母給他小休的心情,而 may 在這方面表達得不及 would 強烈。

    Q3. killed

    首先,根據上文下理,這裏是要用 passive voice,因為是指被殺的動物,故 killing (active voice) 可排除。

    另外,由於這裏要用 participles,所以 had been killed 這 SVO 句的東西可以排除。

    最後,排除 being killing,因為它「不倫不類」,既非 active voice (active voice 的話是 killing - 已排除在答案之外) 又非 passive voice (passive voice 的話就是being killed)。所以答案是 killed。

    你可能會問,being killed 也是 passive voice,那應用 being killed 或 killed?

    Being killed 的 being 有「進行中」的意思,故 being killed 就是「正在被殺」而 killed 就是 「已被殺」

    根據上文下理,可得知文中應是說「已被殺的動物數量」所以是用 killed。

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