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What does a bad car crash feel like?

I'm sorry, I am not trying to offend anybody. I am just writing a book that requires a car crash. But if you have ever been in a horrible car crash, how did it feel, how did you feel afterwards, what was the wreckage like?

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    I crashed a rally car pretty bad once. It was day two of the Cog Rally in Colorado about 2004. My eyes went off the road for just a second for what ever reason. Of course, my hands and feet followed my eyes. The car bounced twice as we left the road. My eyes stayed fixated on a small berm that defined the edge of a gully. We hit the berm sideways on the drivers side. It kicked up a ton of dirt and shattered the windshield at the same time. We lost sight of everything outside of the car. My sense of hearing seemed to have heightened. I remember hearing the car smash all around me as flecks of grass and dirt floated around the inside of the dim cab. It wasn't the debris floating around that was scary, it was the pauses between the violent smashes. A few quick smashes, a pause, then a massive smash as the roof caved in on my co-driver. We had fallen off the gully wall and onto the lower hillside. The last thing I remembered was seeing a cow pond down below before we left the road. We heard water rushing in, and quickly realized we were upside down in the water. I asked my co-driver if he was ok and we quickly began to unbuckle our race harnesses when the car suddenly rolled again once more. We landed on our wheels and let the dust settle. We both climbed out though the window and took a good look at each other. My co-drivers helmet was full of dirt on one side covering his eye. At some point his head had gone out the window and the car rolled over it. Good thing the soil was soft. We both walked away but took a ride to the hospital anyway for some precautionary MRI's. The sound of the water was the car sliding on it's roof for about 50 feet.

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