If you got a iPhone 4S, can you switch your service over to tmobile? Will the service and coverage be good?

Can you do any of this? And does tmobile sell iPhone 4S to buy? Need help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, t-mobile has iPhone 4s now especially since getting the iPhone 5. Take a look at their website.

  • 5 years ago

    AT&T technically has the quickest speeds, however Verizon has better voice and better protection. Assess your insurance plan maps to your discipline for these vendors. AT&T can also be more cost-effective, with $15/200mb plan and $25/2GB plan, versus Verizon's $30/2GB plan. However, AT&T has $20/unlimited textual content or no text at all, while I feel Verizon still has $5/300 texts. AT&T is more cost effective should you do not plan on texting. Otherwise go along with Verizon. Tony brings up a just right point that CDMA carriers don't support textual content and knowledge even as (yet). Nonetheless, for me, this wouldn't be an limitation.

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