are ouija boards real?

i have one in my basement that i haven't used. i'm 14 and i find spiritual things cool, but i'm scared to go near it because i am christian and such things are against me. i never question evil, but is it just a novelty toy? that is what i'm starting to believe. i think it is in the subconscious that YOU move it, you know? i don't know. i need your opinions/ stories? i also tried an online ouija board and closed without saying goodbye, but i typed the same question over and over and got different answers/speeds every time. it also said the word 'unknown' alot. i found this on another yahoo question "my brother and I did an online Ouija board. One of the rules is to never stop playing until you say goodbye or the spirit sticks around. My brother accidentally exed out of the Ouija board before we said goodbye. My bedroom door started shaking and my door knob kept twisting back and forth like someone was trying to open my door. The only people home at the time were me and my bro. Since then I don't mess with them." opinions? thank you xx

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  • 7 years ago
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    the board itself is just a piece of cardboard.... Well the ritual of the Ouija works as you sit still concentrating on making contact your aura grows and you draw in ANYTHING in the area as you shine like a star in the black night... Mostly evil things come.. IE you put blood in the water sharks come looking for food..... Yes there are beings people call Demons and yes they can possess you and make you do things and eventually given time they will make you kill yerself or simply eat your soul when they are done......Only about 1 in 40 people that die Leave a ghost behind.. its like an echo of your soul a piee and it stays to do something you left undone... yes a demon can hurt you but will first scare you so it can feed on the fright.. fear makes your aura flare and thats energy and it eats that energy....... Not thinking about them No... think talk all you like the quija or a seance will draw them in unless you have a medium leading things...... I sorta explained how they work you sit in one place and as you and your friends concentrate you aura flares up real big and it says HEY COME TO ME... but it doesnt say WHO or WHAT.. so a regular good ghost will most of the time look over and ignore it But a demon or a bad ghost will go HMMMM free meal maybe? and they come and talk to you and then it gets very very bad.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes I believe that the ouija board works but I have strong feeling that the videos off of youtube are just people acting and that it s all fake all though there is a big chance of that happening if i see it with my own eyes as it s happening than i will believe. So i don t recomend playing around with one or you might and up with some unwanted guests or might even possesion and if you use the board right and they do come and you try to get away from it i will find you and may and up with spirits in your house for the rest of your life

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  • 7 years ago

    Ignore the religious fanatics and little kids. Ouija boards are real (I've seen several), but I only mean the boards themselves are real. All the hysteria around them is just that - hysteria. They really are just a harmless board game, which is exactly what Hasbro says they are, and the only time they are truly dangerous is if you pick one up and use it as a weapon.

    But in your case, don't touch the Ouija. It's a bad idea all around, and I'll tell you why.

    You mentioned that you're a Christian, and obviously you're a true believer because you also said that stuff is against you. I'm not going to challenge your beliefs, because that stuff is your business and yours alone, and nobody is allowed to take that from you. You're right, dabbling in other beliefs even just for fun is against the rules of the Christian church. You don't make the rules, but you did choose to follow them. And as you know, there is no room for playing picky-choosy with the rules of your faith - it's an all or nothing deal.

    If you play with the Ouija, you won't have to deal with any demons or devils or evil spirits. But you'll have to deal with yourself, and that's a problem. You can't exorcize yourself, nor can you hide from yourself. You'll have to answer to yourself for going against your own beliefs, and that can tear a person apart for a long long time. In a way, that's a demon all on its own and it will follow you no matter where you go. You might even have to talk about doing it in confession to clear your conscience. Do you really want to have to admit that you broke that rule to someone, and listen to the disappointment in the minister's voice when you do? Altogether, that stuff might be worse than anything old satan could ever do to you. Are you OK with putting yourself through all that?

    The spirit that can hurt you the most is always your own, and it's the one you can't get rid of or hide from. I'm not going to tell you what to do or even what to believe, but I will ask you to have a good hard think about that.

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  • Tom
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    7 years ago

    You are right it DOES run off the subconscious mind. It is one of several different tools that utilize the "Ideomotor effect", subconcious movements of the voluntary muscles in your hands and arms, that by given an indicated place to go, can be used to communicate with the Subconscious mind. Indeed some psychologists use a Chevreul pendulum(another ideomotor tool) to probe the subconscious of their clients.

    The "psychic/Paranormal" aspect of these devices is based on the belief that we all have a "latent ESP" that also "lives" in the subconscious mind. And that this ESP uses a Clairvoyance or Telepathy to be able to communicate with spirits and such. WHich may or may not be so. And communication with the subconscious gives us access to this. Not unlike "prophetic" dreams, etc.where this latent ESP gets into our dreaming--another "window" into the subconscious Psychologists like to probe.

    If you believe in the ESP or not, you STILL have a subconscious mind and the ouija will allow you into it. it is a bit more than a mere "toy".

    Source(s): Scientist with years of paranormal study on the side, Psychology.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Want an opinion? OK! Forget the Ouija board it puts you in direct contact with the spirits of demons, in fact in the early seances do not always create a true event, but with time things will change with the board, so you'll have real manifestations of spirits. In fact, your testimony is true, namely that door began to shake and that knob of 'opening the door moving is synonymous with the presence of demonic spirits, that's who you are dealing with! Do you believe that to be the spirits of the dead? No! Absolutely, they are getting them, that the spirits of demons.

    So if you keep the spirits hill seances they can also see directly, and many will make mischief against you. Regardless of which can give you the information or favoritism, but where telling the truth also add the fake, because they are lying spirits. This is my thesis, as well as all go against God's commandment that forbids to consult the spirits of evil. Hello-

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The use of an Ouija board can often just be as you say a novelty or a toy in which nothing happens. But sometimes it can open up the door to the demonic. This is since you are actually calling upon a spirit to converse with you. The spirit can claim to be an angel, a deceased relative or the like, but do not be fooled. What the Ouija board connects you with (if anything) will be a demon.

    Even non-Christian websites warn against Ouija board use just due to the many bad experiences people have had. One says, “On balance, the use of a Ouija board should be strongly discouraged. Those who do attract lower level beings ultimately stand a very high chance indeed of suffering possession and/or serious mental illness, both of which would be nearly impossible to overcome by modern medical means. The only solution to such a serious situation involving inter-dimensional forces would be an exorcism carried out by a highly experienced practitioner of which there are very few living today.”

    One person on Yahoo Answers wrote, “After I played that Ouija ,I never wanted to do it again...I remember asking it when I was going to die and it said "56"...and I asked it how I was going to die and it said "sick".. Of course I wasn't moving the thing, and my friend said she wasn't moving it....It scared me shitless to be honest.. I just hope what it said isn't true…

    Another said, “My sister received one for her birthday and used it regularly. We then noticed a pattern that every time she or I used it we wear hurt pretty bad, not broken bones, but serious cuts. After finally deciding to get rid of it, and throwing it in the trash I told it to ‘burn in hell’ later that day I had to go to the emergency room with 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burns to my face from a gasoline accident.”

    And another on Yahoo Answers wrote, “Once my aunt and grandpa were playing with one and it said they would die on a bridge close to my aunt's house. Another time when my youngest uncle was in fifth grade the teacher brought an Ouija board out. He played with it and when he got home his mom told him to ask it if it believes in Jesus Christ as the Savior. He did and the spinny thing flew off the table and they never saw it again.”

    Someone else shared, “A good friend of mine was tormented by a spirit her brother had let loose with this. It even followed her to college. Do not use it. The stronger spirits will come through and they are usually the bad ones.”

    You can do your own search on Yahoo Answers for “Ouija beard experiences” and the like and you will see the stories are never good.

    The only real way to be freed from oppression from the Ouija board is through Jesus Christ. Only in him and through him is there victory over demonic spirits. Those that have experienced the forces of darkness and see that the spiritual realm is very real need to now turn to the good to obtain freedom. Have a look at the links below and see what you think. I suggest you find a better diversion.


    Tara’s story

    Youtube thumbnail

    How to know if you are a Christian

    Sid Roth “It’s Supernatural” videos

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  • James
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    7 years ago

    Yes, they are real. I know. I really mean, I KNOW. From the horrific thing I saw, I will not even allow a Ouija board in my house. I wouldn't even let a friend move in once since he refused my one and only requirement - that he leave his Ouija board at his parents house. Besides the life changing experience that happened to me, this same friend has had two entities let into his house from he and his sister using it. One eventually left, but they will still occasionally see the other one, in the form of a black mist that follows them around from room to room.

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  • 7 years ago

    Well, i do believe in ouija board and I believe the dead should be left alone. Online ouija board are on the internet remember, it's digital, so very likely to be fake and it was probably your brother shaking the door. They are not toys, if you do anything wrong on them, if you don't say goodbye or talk to an evil spirit they will stick with you. If you live in an old house then it's possibly the worst thing to do, especially if somebody once died there, which is likely if it's old. The best thing to do, is to just leave it there. :D

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  • "My bedroom door started shaking and my door knob kept twisting back and forth like"....the plot of some dodgy horror film.

    Ask an online ouija board to tell you how much money you have in your pocket. It'll never get the right answer because it's just a pile of HTML and computer coding.

    You're 14 years old and you were born with common sense.

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  • 7 years ago

    first things first, NEVER try online Ouija, they are fake and works program-operated like a computer or video game. they (creators) just programmed their board to say "unknown"

    a real Ouija board is really hard to find and can be over 200 years old. the one from Parker bros are the ones for fun but u can still play with them, once u don't get addicted, my cuz got a certain experience when she and her friends were playing. but please don't get addicted and try to play with as many persons as you can and don't try going into your room without the lights on and light candles and do the Ouija all by yourself bcz u can invite a lost soul who is on the prowl for persons like you

    Beware and use for fun and game-play purposes. don't be too real with these boards and if you are Christian, as you said, u can call on the name of the Almighty if anything goes wrong

    Source(s): experience
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