Spiritually Speaking, do you believe in old R&Sers coming back from the dead?

Does anyone remember me? I have been dragged back by one of you......dammit.
Update: Looks like you've only been a member since 2010...I think I probably quit before that, lol.
Update 2: I can't remember when I left....it's been FOREVER...a few years...
Update 3: Parrot what name did I know you by? I think I was here from around 2005ish to 2009ish.
Update 4: The Bearded One: I'm an atheist, but I don't go around calling people's beliefs fairy tales. I have eaten too many psychedelics to make fun of what people believe LOL
Update 5: What up Uncle Wayne! Yeah I remember you named it "Friends of Linz" LOL
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