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Seniors, did you ever watch the Dick Cavett interview with Bette Davis?

From around 1973 I think. She mentioned there was one leading man who was a terrible kisser among all the ones she had kissing scenes with. I've always tried to figure out who that was. Does anyone have an idea? I hope it wasnt George Brent. Who else did she kiss?


There was Paul Henreid, may it was him??

Update 2:

CAL LETTUCEHEAD: Why are you giving me the link to the interview? I have already seen it. She wouldnt name him so I am asking other movie fans if they know who it was.

Update 3:

PASSIVE: Thats all very nice but I am asking if anyone knows who it was that Bette Davis said was not a good kisser. If she mentioned the name I would not be asking this question.

Update 4:

MYDEARSIE: She did not kiss Humphrey Bogart in the few movies they made.

KEEP: Did she kiss Glenn Ford? They would be very ill-matched and I never liked him but I do recall their difficult working relationship.

Update 5:

MYDEARSIE: I meant Robert Ryan. I dont think they kissed. I cant imagine that but maybe. They made a movie with Marilyn Monroe in it. Robert Ryan had great roles in so many movies. He was good.

Update 6:

CAL LETTUCEHEAD: I am sure Bette Davis was not a switch-hitter like Joan Crawford and they didnt like each other.

Update 7:

CAL LETTUCEHEAD: Oh, I didnt know about JK. I dont think she would marry Gary Merrill if he was a bad kisser. He said he thought he was marrying Margo Channing, and she said she thought she was marrying Bill Samson and thats why it didnt work out. It is bugging me more to know since I asked this question.

George Brent was a bit foppish in his mannerisms by today's standards but he always came across as a regular guy.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Flower, here is the interview. I don't have time to listen to it right now but I will later; it's 48 minutes long! But I was never really into George Brent, he seemed like a bit of a wimp to me. Hope it wasn't Paul Henrieid! (Maybe it was Joan Crawford - JK). Maybe Leslie Howard?

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    I SAID JK - (it means just kidding)

    Perhaps it was Gary Merrill. After all they were married but it didn't last long. Maybe he just wasn't a good enough kisser? LOL

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  • 7 years ago

    I saw this particular program rerun last year. I can't remember which star she mentioned. I seem to remember she was in a movie with Robert Ryan. Maybe it was him. I liked Paul Henreid and George Brent, so I hope it wasn't either one of them. She made many movies so it should be easy to remember her co-stars, but I can't.

    Maybe it was Humphrey Bogart - "The Petrified Forest".

    Now I am thinking maybe it was Henry Fonda. Funny if it was Errol Flynn.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes I did. Could have been Glenn Ford . It is said she had a terrible time with him. May have made him a bad kisser.

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