impact in car crash?????

I heard in car crashes the impact can make your organs slam into your chest and brain slosh around...well how does that happen and how does that kill you? Does the seat belt and air bag help out at all when that happens? Is there anyway to survive a crash when that does happen? Do they put the organs back in place? How do the organs and brain move? Aren't the brain and organs held in pace somehow? And is there any other way things like that can happen? Like a roller coaster for example?How does a roller coaster coming to a sudden stop not make your organs slam into your chest? I have always thought death from car crashes happen when you are crushed, impaled, blunt trauma or thrown from the vehicle. Never in a million years I would think this.

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    An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Simple physics.

    Just because the car hit a wall and stopped, passengers don't. Thus, seat belts.

    Just because the passenger is restrained, there torso and head aren't. Thus, air bags.

    Your organs, being mostly water, are not fixed in place well enough to hold at high force. (Read also "shaken baby syndrome") They pull and compact, causing tears and bruising to tissue and vessels. The collisions you are referring to are high speed, and the damage I refer to is blunt trauma. It happens on the inside too.

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    Yes. What you heard is correct.

    A seat belt and the airbag do increase the chance of survival during a crash by working with the vehicle's crumple zones. The crumple zones will "crush" to increase the length of time the force is on the human body. For example, if somebody were to throw an uncooked egg at you, you would bring your arms down to extend the length of time; you would not just hold your hands out without moving them as the egg lands in your hand.

    Wearing your seat belt is the best way to survive a crash. This is because most crashes are survivable and the majority of people who die in crashes were either not wearing their seat belt correctly or were not wearing their seat belt at all. Being ejected greatly increases chances of death or serious irreversible injury.

    Your organs are held in place by tissue (I believe reticular tissue), but when this tissue tears, your organs would smash into your rib cage. Your brain would smash into your skull.

    You are not invincible when you wear your seat belt. Many people think this, which makes for dangerous driving. This means that the best way to survive a crash, is to never get in one in the first place. The road should always be the driver's #1 priority. Otherwise, you could be the unlucky guy who kills the (improperly restrained) children inside the van.

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    A crash simulation is a virtual recreation of a destructive crash test of a car or a highway guard rail system using a computer simulation in order to examine the level of safety of the car and its occupants. Crash simulations are used by automakers during Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis for crashworthiness in the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) process of modelling new cars. During a crash simulation, the kinetic energy, or energy of motion, that a vehicle has before the impact is transformed into deformation energy, mostly by plastic deformation (plasticity) of the car body material (Body in White), at the end of the impact.

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    "Organs slam into your chest and brain slosh" *IS* blunt trauma.

    You can avoid crashes.

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