What are some cool apps for the ipod touch 4?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello friend Maricela! I'll gladly leave my list of apps :) good start.

    Applications Free and very good:

    Heywire (used to send message to everyone but unless the company TELCEL Mexico)

    Textfree (serves the same, only this your pudes make free calls to the U.S. only, you can get minutes to make watching videos and also has the ability to receive calls and also send message, as I said before not only grab posts Mexico TELCEL company).


    Other very common in the social network are:


    Facebook Messenger






    iMovie (for editing videos, and is very good)

    GarageBand (used to create musical instruments and music is very good)

    Puffin (to view flash videos on the iPod thing that Safari can not)

    Cloud browse (serves the same and you choose as they are all very good)

    Google Chrome (a web browser besides Safari)

    Equalizer (used to change the volume of your music, ie is an equalizer that really I recommend)

    Cartunes (an application is recommended to listen to music, ie music as another player but more good than it does by default, with this application you can change, play, pause, etc.. With just a few movements or landslides on the screen, etc)

    Well I'll show you some games that I like, have been updated and improved ... Well criticizes this!

    Asphalt 7 (is running)

    Modern combat 4 (is a war game)

    Street fighter (preferably several of IV)

    FIFA 2013

    Real Racing 3

    The king of fighter (there are several, preferably by 2012)

    GTA Vice City

    Gangstar Miami ....

    Angry birds

    Plants vs Zombie

    Dead space


    The Amazing Spiderman

    Iron man

    Fruit Ninja


    Call of Duty

    Sonic all SAGA

    Mortal Kombat




    Need for speed


    There are several just enter the AppStore, find the category of games, and watch payments games, which I recommend as these are my tastes and yours will find them there.

    Or seen free apps!

    Dude there are many you could mention, but look at the last recommendation is to see the top 25 of the best apps from the AppStore.

    If you need more help you can go and give like my Facebook page (you'll help me in a lot), and you already have over 2,000 likes in less than two months. I recommend it and I hope your the you recommend :).

    The page is http://www.facebook.com/tuiphone1

    You can also join the group site named

    Ja1lbreakAzdx_x either goes from here http://www.facebook.com/groups/348166348591428/

    There you will find the best tutorials and need support for your iPhone, much like the group page :).

    Good friend, I hope you liked my answer, but will try to improve it with a question and if you have any questions I recommend viewing my profile where you will find some answer and maybe you solve your doubts, but if you really taste like answered please give like my page and share it, it is more recommended Facebook page and join the group :).

    I want to add some! Just went back to Yahoo answer I request my channel subscribers to start uploading Youtube tutorial videos on tweaks, application usage and I want to add is how to produce the device apple MUSIC (fl studio mobile, beatmaker 2 inter alia)



    I can help you also have applications, games and even free iTunes card but also really recommend the jailbreak, my email is juan-33p@hotmail.com VIP lol if you want help or if you have iPod / iPhone / iPad can find me in iMessage.

    So I conclude my answer, I wish you luck, take care and best regards.

    Since winning the U.S. Mexico :) greetings!

    Atte: Juan-33p  

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    4 years ago

    For camera instaframe!.. An app i really like is "subway surfers" !!"

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