Why do non vegan/vegetarians come in this section to answer questions?

Well i know one reason is to bother us because they have nothing better to do...but why do they answer our questions like they actually know what they are talking about? None of them have ever done any research on the topics and just say things that they are programed to think. We are asking questions to the vegans/vegetarians. Why do they waste their time in this section?

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  • 7 years ago
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    We make some of them feel uncomfortable. Some people want to continue to eat meat, and don't want to know that animals suffer for that decision. Putting down vegans and vegetarians helps them justify carnism in their minds. Making comments like "we have canine teeth so we can eat meat" shows that they don't want to learn anything about human anatomy or health.

  • 7 years ago

    I actually really don't answer vegan/vegetarian section if it's a question that seems to just mind it's own business, like, "I'm vegan, what can I eat for breakfast tomorrow?" or, "I'm vegan, and I want to know where I can join vegan clubs." or anything else that seems to just keep to themselves or just mind their own business or just curious about vegan things.

    I don't care.

    I normally answer when it seems to call out omnivores(like this question) Or when I actually believe I can put some positive input.(Not to change someone's mind, but to seriously add information)

    It's very arrogant of you to assume that you are vegan/vegetarian and therefore know everything that must be known. .

  • Joyce
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    4 years ago

    i posted a question about it also. I have no idea why some people carry on about vegan and vegetarianism - i think if i was to go to the cooking section and bag meat eaters i would get a lot of responses back!

  • 7 years ago

    Sometimes the wording of the question would seem to imply that you are asking the question to non veg*ns. Like, "Why do meateaters do this"? That's just an example. For me, I think if I see something like the statement "eggs are chicken periods" and other such nonsense that it should be pointed out as false.

    I suspect that you don't really want to know why from non veg*ns, you just want someone who agrees with your opinion that anyone who isn't veg*n should be condemned.

    As for those of us who aren't veg*n not doing any research. I think that is the pot calling the kettle black. It sounds to me like a lot of stuff I read on this section is nothing but regurgitated PETA propaganda. When you have these kids becoming veg*n because of some shock tactic video and then they have no idea what they are doing. I have seen a question where someone did not know what iron was or why she needed it. I'm not saying she shouldn't become veg*n but that she should take the time to research. Instead of just complaining about her parents not supporting her choice.

    It's my time to waste and this is a public forum.

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  • Dion J
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    7 years ago

    As a non-vegetarian who sometimes answers questions here, I do so for several reasons:

    - Because I can. Despite your implication to the contrary, this section is not intended for the exclusive usage of vegetarians.

    - To provide an opinion, in cases where the question solicits them. We all have opinions.

    - Some questions are better answered by non-vegetarians. This one, for instance.

    - When I know the answer. Despite your insinuation that only the veg*ns "actually know what they are talking about" I often am able to provide a factual, correct answer. As a non-vegetarian, I have the advantage of not having succumbed to the many self-delusional veg*n "beliefs" that are so frequently apparent in the veg*n answers, which only prove that many of the veg*ns here DO NOT, in fact, "actually know what they are talking about".

    - To expose the lies, hypocrisy, arrogance, and general obnoxious behavior of many of the vegans and vegetarians that participate here.

    - To refute against the insulting and/or condescending lies and misinformation that veg*ns post here, FOR EXAMPLE:

    "We make some of them feel uncomfortable. Some people want to continue to eat meat, and don't want to know that animals suffer for that decision. Putting down vegans and vegetarians helps them justify carnism in their minds."


    "The fact that we are doing what's right shines a light on the fact that they are not. They see our very existence as a judgment against them. And as one poster pointed out, they don't like that we remind them that animals suffer to feed their appetites. Basically they are cowards who don't like that they're starting to become aware and they think if they can put us down enough they can make the truth go away."

    and of course

    "None of them have ever done any research on the topics and just say things that they are programed to think."

    Comments like these are ignorant, arrogant, insulting, and simply incorrect- and you shouldn't be so surprised that they invite a non-vegetarian response.

  • 7 years ago

    Sometimes they have friends/relatives that are vegan/vegetarian who they feel like they can speak for. Most of the time they are hating on our diets because of the vegans/vegetarians that go overboard with their rituals (PETA). So they assume all of us are the same.

  • 7 years ago

    Cause it's a free country and I would say vegans/vegetarians are programmed by other people, like crazy nut case activists.

  • 7 years ago

    Not every meat eater comes to the V&V section to be a troll, but there are trolls in every section, not just ours. I empathize with you, but keep in mind that people can-- and will-- do whatever they want. For the meat-eaters who aren't trolling...they have an opinion and you can't stop them from having one.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because contrary to popular belief by the TCs in this section, this section is not the pinnacle of dietary practice & nutrition. In fact some of the most espoused things in this section are downright dangerous for health. Similarly there is alot of one sidedness in answers. Off the top of my head some patently false ideas espoused here numerous times are

    - Humans are herbivores & our anatomical features prove this

    - A vegan diet be it raw or cooked has been the diet of mankind

    - Meat is poisonous for us, dairy leaches calcium from our bones

    - The bioavailability of a food source does not need to be taken into account

    - The antinutrients in food sources do not need to be taken into account

    - Fats are bad for human health & should be minimised

    - Various macromolecules can be synthesized through gluceneogenic pathways that don't exist or that do not operate in the conditions said (in regards to building muscle)

    - Organic food has been proven to be healthier for us

    - Antioxidiants do not exist in animal products, they only exist in plants

    - Plant sources of protein are just as bioavailable & of equal worth in regards to their energy output as meat (eg lentils are 33% protein vs meat which is 90+%)

    Want me to keep going? Many of these types of things are said in the entire vegan community & have always annoyed me. The idea that vegans are at the forefront of nutritional knowledge when they then show themselves subject to just as much bias & unintelligence of basic biochemistry is laughable

    If anything they are more likely to spread heresay that shows veganism in a good light.

    Source(s): ex vegan
  • .M.
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    7 years ago

    Well you are asking a bunch of strangers on the Internet so...

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