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How do you tell a glacier lake?

How do you tell if a lake was formed from a glacier or not? Thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    ribbon lakes are long narrow lakes formed by the glacier carving out a groove in softer rock

    the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY are a great example

    I live near one as well, Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester MA

    another lake formed by glacier is a tarn

    it is simply a cirque, which is a hollow depression carved out by a glacier that is later filled with water. Just look for a lake or pond in exposed bedrock in the higher elevations of a mountainous region

    and finally there are kettle ponds

    they are formed by a chink of ice breaking off at the edge of a glacier and buried in a type of silty, sandy gravelly sediment called outwash. The ice melts leaving a depression, when it fills with water it becomes a kettle pond. if it remains dry it is called a keg

    they are very much roundish in shape

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