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Aaron Ramsey scored a goal vs Wigan and recently won Arsenal player of the month, is he responisble for this?

Sir Alex Ferguson Retires.

=> David Beckham Retires.

=> Paul Scholes Retires.

=> Phil Neville Retires.

=> Mark Von Bommel Retires.

=> Stiliyan Petrov Retires.

=> Michael Owen Retires.

=> Jamie Carragher Retires.

=> Michael Ballack Retires.

=> Rio Ferdinand Retires from

International Football.

=> Guus Hiddinks Retires.

=> Jupp Heynekes Retires.

=> Wigan Wins the FA CUP.

=> Mancini Sacked.

=> David Moyes Leaves Everton.

=> Chelsea downgrade to winning the Europa League after winning the UCL last year.

Thats all the things that happened when the great “LEGEND KILLER” Lord AARON RAMSEY won the Player of The Month & Scored a Goal!!!


@ Scotty

agreed, he's really came into his own in the past 4 or 5 months and has formed a formidable partnership alongside Arteta in the holding midfield positions. He's long overdue credit for what he's done this year and the fact he's never gave up even when he had doubters.

Update 2:

@ Shane

it's an ongoing joke about Aaron Ramsey.

When he scored vs United on May the 1st 2011, the day after Bin Laden died.

When he scored vs Spurs back in October 2011, a few days after Steve Jobs died

When he scored vs Marsielle, Gaddafi died.

When he scored vs Sunderland, Whitney Housten died.

And the day he broke his leg and earthquake hit Chile.

So it's just an ongoing joke..... really.

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    When he eventually wins a trophy there's going to be a nuclear holocaust.

    Now you understand why Wenger hasn't won anything in years, he's protecting humanity.

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  • Scotty
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    7 years ago

    I hope he starts getting more respect from some Arsenal fans, he's been playing well for a while now.

    Edit: @Godolski . "I never truely gave up on him, but I feared he might not be able to return to his previous form before the leg break"

    To be honest I think most Arsenal fans felt this way, I certainly did.

    He had been playing poor and although I had sympathy for him as he was returning from a severe injury and often out of position, I doubted he would ever be a first choice Arsenal player deep down.

    Glad I was wrong.

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  • 7 years ago

    He has been a bulldozer in that midfield all season. He's excellent, the best of his career right now, he's still young and got plenty of time ahead of him. He's magnifivent. Contender for arsenal player of the season for me.

    I wish I could go to his house, knock on his door and personally apologise to him for shooting him down when he wasn't playing well. I never truely gave up on him, but I feared he might not be able to return to his previous form before the leg break.....and he didnt, he's surpassed it. He's the best he's ever been, true footballer and a soldier.

    I salute you aaron

    Edit: Scratch what I've just said, @MiddleClass is right

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  • 3 years ago

    Hes additionally a undercover hitman when rankings a goal that manner shows he's purchaser that target has been killed thats why when he's scores any individual dies soo who ever is on he is hit record we'll only discover when he ratings.

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  • don't act like a fool. How is he responsible for that? He has been playing some superb football recently.

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  • Didnt that guy from Hi de Hi die yesterday?

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  • Kitty
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    7 years ago

    I am very sad to tell you that ...

    he is in my shed now.

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