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What is the difference between japanese and chinese cuisene?

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    There are lots and lots of differences. Keep in mind that China has at least 8 different cuisines so while the foods in northern coastal China have similarities such as the use of wasabi and lots of seafood, in the western part they use mostly lamb and eat noodles. Its hard to do a true comparison but I’ll try.

    - Raw vs cooked – Traditionally Chinese distinguished themselves from other cultures by saying they had mastered fire, and thus had quite a taboo on raw food for most of Chinese history. Japanese clearly like raw foods.

    - Role of visual aesthetic – While both cultures care about color and appearance, Japanese will consider a dish good sometimes almost solely based on how visually pleasing it is.

    - Rice – Japanese rice is shorter grain and stickier. Northern Chinese rice is also short grain, but in general Chinese use longer less sticky grains.

    - Spice – China has some very spicy cuisines such as Sichuan and Hunan. There are few very spicy dishes in Japan.

    - Influences – China was a huge part of Silk Road and had lots of influences from other countries. There is still a lot of Muslim influence in many parts of Chinese cooking. Japan has incorporated more modern gourmet food from the West in recent history.

    - Tea – Japanese green tea tends to be steamed while Chinese green is often roasted in the production process so they have very different flavors sometimes.

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    It has been an interesting subject to read about! I have studied Martial Arts my entire life and am 62 years old and have learned that the differences are more cultural than physical! Although regionally the Chinese in the Northern areas of China seem taller and their eyes are closer in appearance to the people who live in Mongolia and Tibet! The Southern Chinese seem shorter and their eyes are more similar to the Japanese and Taiwanese! This is very subjective so I guess that is pretty much the way the rest of the world sees it too! The Germans did a "racial" study before WWII and took facial measurements and some of that Ido is available on the internet if you google it!

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    It's hard to encompass all of China into one style. Think of America and how many regional specialties there are. That's the same with Chinese cuisine. Each region has their own tastes and ways of cooking.

    Overall though, perhaps because of how big China is, I do believe it has more stir-fry dishes than Japanese cuisine. Also, because Japan is made up of islands, they use a lot of fish and seafood in their cuisine, whereas Chinese cuisine has more variety in their meats like lamb or pork.

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    This question is a tough one to answer because China is huge and its cuisine can differ from area to area. Because of Japan's geography, it's primary source of meat is fish (from the sea) and pork (from the mountains). On the other hand, the main source of meat in China is Pork. Due to its large amounts of land, the fish eaten in china is also more often freshwater fish than saltwater fish. Raw fish (sashimi) is eaten extensively in Japan. While it is not unheard of in China.Japanese cuisine tends to have more subtle flavours which enhance the natural flavours of the ingredients while Chinese cuisine tends to have stronger flavours. The exception is cantonese cuisine which tends to have lighter flavours

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    the main difference between japanese and chinese cusine is the ingredients and style of preparation. japanese cusine uses high end ingredients sourced in japan such as shabu beef and cooking involves batters and omelettes of various types. chinese cusine is based on plentiful inexpensive cuts of pork and chicken for stir fries and sauces such as black bean with tofu. there is substantial crossover between the cusines of the two countries because of their proximity and shared resources. japanese cuisine is probably more sophisticated but china is catching up fast.

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    Chinese food has "five flavors": sour, spicy, salty, bitter, and sweet.

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    Nothing really..They both eats anything that moves..

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