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local 係解"當地"定係 "本地"呀?


The signature on the loading documents show that everything was under perfect condition at the time.(翻譯這句please)


draft at sight under our letter of credit.

3 cannot find the words to thank you呢一句點解?

4.initial application for a position.呢一句點解?

5. I will be more than happy to do so.呢一句點解?

6. not have gone smoothly if you not help us (請你寫一句一樣意思的一子,謝)

7. throw light on點解?

8. local enterprise...係解作"本地企業"定係"當地企業"

(麻煩你用英文 "當地" 和 "本地" 各作一句子.)


9. We found that none of the machine had spare parts譯呢一句啦.

10. Please accept our apologies.(apologies係咪眾數, 多過一次既意思)

Update 2:


draft at sight under our letter of credit.呢一句點解?

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    1. 由於有關文件有人簽署,可以相信該機件當時是處於最好的狀態。


    2. Under在此解「在‧‧‧之下」

    3. 感激不盡

    4. 首次申請某職位

    5. 我欣然這樣做

    6. 有了你,事務才能順利進行

    7. 講解事情以便他人明白

    8. 視乎語境,兩者皆可

    例句:Our citizens blame the local enterprises for making goods expensive.


    When food runs out, any food possessed by local enterprises will most likely be snatched the hungry people.


    9. 該機器並無多餘的機件

    10. 謹此致歉 (apologies可當眾數使用,但意思等同道歉)

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