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solutions of Housing problems

solutions of Housing problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. Increase supply of Public Housing

    This helps allocate people who cannot afford to rent decent flats to rent a public flat. But it should not be too pleasant, in order to retain the residents' incentive to change to better flats if they turn affordable later. This also helps to reallocate public housing to others who are in need. In administration, we should still discriminate the price of relatively better or popular flats and the relatively unpopular flats, in order to encourage people to accept relatively bad flats instead of asking for another by making them cheaper.

    2. Decrease the migration quota of incompetent people or refugees

    Since incompetent people or refugees generally do not process the skill to do high value-adding jobs and earn the corresponding high income, they can only settle with low-income jobs. Therefore allowing them to move into the city will generally not help them get a better life. Moreover, letting them to live in the city will occupy the space and resources, including housing, of the already crowded but not necessarily improve their life or others' life. Decreasing the quota limits the possible increase on demand of public housing while not significantly affecting their opportunity to enjoy a better life.

    3. Increase the opportunity for local citizens to buy a flat

    Some people dislike the flats being owned by investors who demand unduly high rent but not the local middle-class. Limiting the allowable buyer of certain flats to first-timer local citizens can reduce the scope of competition of those flats to local citizens and make sure the flats can achieve the most righteous purpose of allocating local citizens.

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