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    Honestly, corporal punishment can not be completely a thing of the deviant behavior of students. After all, it is a mandatory student compliance means students therefore give way, does not mean they truly repentant, and the future, once the corporal punishment, presumably relapse few.

    Corporal punishment only the constraints of external behavior, develop inner essence, or rely on the love of education subtle.

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    To be honest, corporal punishment is not fully correcting deviant behaviour of students. After all, it is just a means to force students to comply, despite the students ' willingness to, does not mean they have truly repented, once the corporal punishment is not in the future, will slip back into the minority.

    Therefore, the external acts of corporal punishment can only be binding on individuals, for the cultivation of inner nature, still have to rely on subtle love education.

  • Actually, corporal punishment can't turn over students' behavioral biases. It just's a fierce technique to that students succumb, however the students are succumb for it, but that's not mean they had ever repent in their mind. When the corporal punishment cancel, there must be a lot of students are not listening for the instructions.

    Therefore, corporal punishment only can constraint students' outside manifestation, the inner attainment still need to use the education of love to gradual influence.

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