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    In order to make the music more richness, security, and attract more music lovers of different sectors into KentingKen Ding Chun lang Music Festival, started in 2006, outdoor music festival organized by the friendly dog, in addition to the annual spring Awards competition, mainstream online also invited many artists, Denon DJ performances. Their activities are featured in mainstream music, there are many big stars and will be involved in. So pure music in Kenting.

    This is the spring wave of Visual image in recent years, with bright colors to emit this event is such a happy young image.

    And I this is a design direction is to the notion of rock as a thought, so I think the Horn, painting, jumping elements, in order to highlight that this is in Taiwan to rock music, and adding the number of flowers in a flower shirt and shades as rendered. And Ken Ding Chun highlighted in conjunction with spring Wave Festival's image.

    And I also in this design has two update poster to for spring waves music section publicity, first update is to red electric guitar as leads, can apt to attract these love rock of audience, and second update poster is is to static of law for rendering, poster in the you only see a pay very texture headset with microphone, hanging in stage Shang, metaphor with here is held very grand and fine mining of played will.

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    ●九州 娛樂 網站



    ● 真人百家樂彩金等你拿



    ●九州 娛樂 網站

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    Since 2006, Friendly Dog Entertainment Co., Ltd. has been organizing the Kenting Spring Wave Music and Art Festival every year, an outdoor music feast that aims to attract music lovers from all walks of life to enjoy music of all kinds there. Apart from the annual Spring Wave Contest, the festival also features lots of brilliant mainstream music performances by online mainstream artistes, disc jockeys and pop stars, livening Kenting up with music at once.

    These are the designs of the ''Spring Wave'' symbol these years, which use vivid colours to bring out the joy and youthfulness of the festival.

    Inspired by Rock and Roll music, I included elements like speakers, paint and jumping people in my design. Moreover, to emphasize the origin of the festival being Taiwan, I made use of the patterns and colour tone from shirts with flower patterns, which blend with the Chinese character ''春'' in the design to convey the image of the festival.

    In addition, I have designed two promotional posters for the festival. The first poster is a dynamic one showing a red electric guitar which targets at Rock and Roll fans, whereas the second poster is an idle one, which shows the close-up of a headphone and a microphone hanging on the stage, implying that a large fabulous show is coming up soon.

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