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If I sit on a guy's lap for years without moving, will our skin combine until we're like siamese twins?

My sister told me that she saw a news story of a bear that a crackhead living in some rural area was keeping as a pet, but the crackhead had tied the bear to a chain with a collar, so it couldn't leave. Doctors said that it had been wearing the collar for so many years that it's skin had fused to it and the only way to get it off was to surgically do it. So I'm thinking that human skin can grow around something, like a foreign substance, and since it replaces itself every day, then over years what would happen? so then can't two people become like Siamese twins if they sit really close to one another and never move for years?

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    Some questions of my own. Are these male, or female, Siamese twins that you seek? How far apart would these countries need to be? If you went, with Father Riley, was it your "rectury basement" that he went into "one time"? If so, then you aren't pregnant, merely hopeful. In this reply, substitute the "ry" combination with the letter "m". Dang, you're hilarious.

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    No that's not why it happens. You see this with neglected dogs too. People put collars on them when they're young and for some reason, don't think that's its going to need bigger ones as it grows. Obviously the animal doesn't just stop growing so the collar ends up embedded in the skin.

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    A bears skin or hide is much tougher and thicker than that of a human... Of you attempted this you would end up with sores, that would most likely get infected if left untreated. Just like when people get bed sores. Human skin is not strong like other mammals.

    Source(s): Volunteered at a bear center for a year also worked at a wolf research lab for 2 years...
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    skin may grow over something tight around the skin but skin will not grow together with the skin of another person.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    this reminds me of something a creepy serial killer would try and do .. like that show Hannibal - or human centipede or something.

    How long have you been having these thoughts ??

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    Source(s): Science.
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    His skin will fuse to your feces.

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