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What is ILLUMINATI is it real i mean every story seems to match up....?

Im kinda freaked out loli dont get it so by worshiping a devil the celebs become famous? Wtf is that real or is it just famous people trying to get attantion i also heard people die beause of this im more intrested in the whole celebraties illuminati thing

Like lady gaga beonce ec

I wouldet be suprized if its real.

The two names i pointed out have no talent ....

Just sayin

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    8 years ago
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    The majority of Illuminati youtube videos seem to focus more on celebrities, but this is actually a very small part of it. Many of them insinuate that elebrities sell their soul to the devil for fame and fortune, but a lot of this is disinformation.

    The Illuminati is real, but it's more about banking and business then it is celebrities. You see most people are attracted to the colorful entertainers and where they've heard the Illuminati are bunch of wealthy people that worship the devil, celebrities presumably fall into that category. The fact of the matter is that only a handful of celebrities are initiates in the Illuminati.

    The Illuminati are the masters of finance that have bought control of every major business that contributes to our daily lives. Banks are not owned by the government, they're owned by independent shareholders through the stock market. Where the stock market and monetary system are full of terms people don't understand, they take little notice of it, leaving the Illuminati to buy out controlling interests, as normal people don't bother to compete in the stock exchange.

    The monetary system seems complicated, but it's actually the most important powerpoint the Illuminati has. By owning the banks they control the inflation and interest rates; and by extension, the value of money. It is these wealthy individuals (Illuminati) that fund politicians into office. Politicians will never bite the hand that feeds them, thus these bankers have a say in what these politicians stand for.

    The Illuminati have bought controlling interests of all major media corporations and inserted their own editors to take advantage of official censorship. That way, all the information the public is subjected to, is filtered by them. They can cover up the truth by never publishing why Pope Benedict XVI resigned, and use tragedies such as the Sandy Hook shooting to sway people into voting for gun control.

    If you look into it you'll find that all our media outlets are owned by the same companies that own the music industry:

    Celebrities often sign contracts with various record companies. It's not the celebrities that make these music videos exhibiting the illuminati symbolism, but the directors and choreographers working for the record companies. It's very inaccurate to blame celebrities on the symbols. Not half as many people showing these signs are in the Illuminati.

    The exceptions would be Lady Gaga, Jay Z and Madonna. By looking into their business careers and personal lives, you could determine which celebrities are really involved in this secret society. Where Jay Z ousted his partners (Dame and Biggs) when selling Roc-A-Fella Records to Def Jam Recordings, Jay Z went on to become CEO of that company and a Freemason. Madonna followed the same trend in becoming CEO of Maverick Records and a Cabala Priestess.

    This Illuminati conspiracy goes much deeper then you'd think and celebrities are only a minor roll. Of course I don't have enough room to get into all the details here, but the depth of their involvement goes into corporation like the oil industry, pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, the banking cartel, agriculture, the entertainment business, media, politics and secret societies.

    Source(s): I've been researching the Illuminati for several years now. I can assure you that it's real, but not all theories about them are true. I've taken a logical approach into understanding how this secret society works. I've run out of room, but if you have further questions you an contat me at; not to sound cocky or anything, but I probably know more about the Illuminati than anybody on here.
  • 8 years ago

    Why should it freak anyone out unless they thought that they were living in like a perfect world or something and... if that is the case, had they ever seen the news? Can't you just try to put a human face to it CHRISTOPHER SCOTT HALL and just move on with your life? Presumably, if such a powerful organisation were in place, then it would have been in place a very, very long time and since well before your own birth. So it has been the situation, if it exists at all, your entire life anyway.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    it is a secret society that controls the media. when you control the media you control the masses. don't believe me just wait until superbowl comes around. actors usually sell there souls to get to a certain point or sacrifice a friend or a loved one. now you may think im crazy but its the devils job to masmerazie and antagonize . think what you want I know its tru. I used to be a freemason until I found out the truth and all that crap they do in the videos are occult signs shakes and symbols.

  • 8 years ago

    The "Hollywood illuminati" is a fantasy made up by Christian conservatives who believe that "immoral" art can't become popular without some kind of conspiracy or Satanic cult behind it.

    It's 100% crap.

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  • 8 years ago

    I mean I guess, Lucifer was a good looking angel who made songs to worship god but after he attacked god with an army of angels and became a fallen angel ( Devil) he started making music that worshiped only him..... For example when you listen to music you don't think about god, you thinks about sins like partying, drugs, curses, death, sex, homosexuality, blasphemy, back masking, or hidden messages soooooo watch out what you listen to.

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