Climate vs. global warming?

Can you guys give me some specific and easy facts / details on Climate change and Global warming. Maybe on the topics:

Ocean levels: what would both sides have to say? Is it our fault or are they rising or lowering by themselves

Produce of CO2: bad or house gases......atmosphere

Warming of other planets: suns energy.....our fault.......or planets warming them selves....distance between us and sun and others and sun does the distance effect the warming?

I need to write a short essay on this and I need more details I don't know I can get more detailed can you guys please help me. Thank you!!(:

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  • Jeff M
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    7 years ago
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    Ocean levels are rising worldwide on average. both sides who are scientifically literate state this. The increase or decrease in ocean levels is related to warming and cooling of the planet due primarily to thermal expansion and glacial melt. The rise in the oceans would occur whether the current long term warming trend is human or naturally caused.

    CO2 is good for the environment up to a point. Plants could not survive without an adequate of CO2 in the environment. It's similar to how humans could not survive without an intake of water. However, like water poisoning in humans, there is a limit to everything. Of course this says nothing about what the effects of that CO2 will change to the existing atmosphere and the effects that changing atmosphere would have on biology.

    Of course the distance has an effect on how warm the planet is. The Sun is, after all, where we get almost all of our energy. Of course, when talking about changing temperatures, we'll have to talk about what the output of the Sun and the input of solar radiation in the Earth's atmosphere has. Solar output has been falling for over 50 years now. Changes in solar input can not account for all the warming we are experiencing. You have people, now and then, post graphs to solar input previous to the past century or so following global temperatures almost exactly then, when they are told that solar output has been declining for 50 years they come up with the statement that it is due to the lag time between changes in solar output and temperatures. They don't realize they are arguing two sides. Foolish and easily seen by anyone with any amount of knowledge in common sense.

    And Gabby is mistaken. The short term effects of volcanoes actively cool the atmosphere not warm it. this is due to atmospheric loading of sulfate aerosols.

    And the cycle she is most likely talking about is the PDO or the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which is currently in it's neutral to negative phase. It can not be the cause of the warming.

    Kano: False. You are taking Sunspot data. you are not taking it from the point I specified. Lets take it back further shall we and perhaps stop cherry picking.

    1958 was the year of the most recently high in sunspot activity. Nice try though to throw people off.

    Your statement concerning CO2 has produced almost as much as it can is false again. You are correct it is a logarithmic relationship. However data shows that your assumption is false. This shows the edge of the band related to the absorption at 667cm ^-1.

  • 7 years ago

    Climate and global warming is inter-related to each other. As when the global warming increases it also affects the climate. Change in the climate is only due to the global warming. global warming is actually caused by the chlorofluorocarbon coming from our household works and specially from the the refrigerators. Due to the global warming the black hole increases and the ozone layer decreases. If the ozone layer decreases rapidly then it can cause various inflammation in our health and the surrounding. Then the harmful radiations of the sun reaches to the earth and cause many pollutions and give rise to many new diseases and skin cancer. The producing of the co2 gases is very harmful. it also leads to the depletion of the ozone layer as it is one of the greenhouse gases.

    Hope this answer will help u to write ur essay. U can also elaborate these points.

  • 7 years ago

    There was an article that came out a few years back *by accident* from the government saying that global warming was fake.

    I had also listened to a seminar about a month ago where a weather "expert" said there is no global warming. We are slightly hurting the environment by our emissions, but nothing like they tell us we are. The last summer (2012) was also record hot because we had a rare occurrence where two volcanoes erupted at the exact same time. All the ash, etc, threw off the balance in our atmosphere, which caused it to be a lot warmer than normal.

    We also go in cycles. A 30 year cycle, then it goes into 40 years, then back to 30 years, etc. The 30 year cycle has a usual set pattern and same goes for the 40 year. I believe she said we're only a few years into the 40 year cycle. So we could have higher temperatures for the next, let's say, 36 years, and then when we go into the 30 year cycle, we might go back to a lower temperature and weather pattern.

    Source(s): personal experience at seminar.
  • Kano
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    7 years ago

    Jeff M. 1990 was the highest solar activity, 2000 was still a lot higher than average, only now with cycle 24 is activity decreasing.

    Co2 good for plant life increasing bio-mass does not produce much warming as it logarithmically diminishes with concentration, it has produced almost as much as it can at 400ppm.

    Yes orbital cycles affect warming but we should be in a cooling phase now according to milankovitch cycles.

    Ocean levels whether glacier or expansion are minimal now predicted at 5 to 7 inches rise by 2100

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You are asking for a lot of info that you can find easily with a web search Get an adult to help you if you don't know how

  • Pat
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    7 years ago

    Climate is what it is. Man has an effect but it is very minimal. Mathematically and physically CO2 has limits on its warming capabilities. You can find this here :

    Here's an article on a case against AGW :

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    One is real, one is a made up issue to promote political agenda.

    Source(s): Fact
  • 7 years ago

    This quite comprehensive article should help you. It is written by Rutan, a honest to goodness engineer who has many true accomplishments, not just theory.

  • Maxx
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    7 years ago

    Watch this, it will be very helpful to you:

    The Great Global Warming Swindle

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