What pesticide will work best to kill ticks?

I started a garden this year but it appears that I'm not going to be able to maintain my garden until I get this tick situation under control. There are ticks everywhere. On my dogs on me on my plants in the dirt. It is a huge tick infestation. I've managed to find a bug repellant with oils that seem to do a little better with repelling the ticks but they end up in my hair and inside my clothes where the bug spray wasn't sprayed. My lawn is landscaped but my garden is in the back towards the woods although still next to the lawn. My neighbor has about 8 horses which I think may contribute to this. Can I buy a pesticide that will kill them all without harming my veggies? What kind works best for ticks? Should I spray just the perimeter of my garden? What about spray for me and my dogs? Any recommendations? I'm willing to try anything because Im so disgusted with this and freak out every time I go to my garden!

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  • 8 years ago
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    DE, food grade, not pool, Diatomaceous Earth is a powder that can be put out and it is harmless to people and animals.

    Source(s): Lowe's and other places have it.
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    I know related to the money. a factor of insect administration around pets is their ecosystem. purchase some diatomaceous earth (somewhat), offered at pool furnish retailers for use in filtering water and sprinkle it around exterior close to the doorways. bugs that stroll by way of it are goners although that is secure for each physique else. you ought to use the total issues on them after bathing - the variety that is going between their shoulder blades. abilties is comparatively purely acceptable, and each and each have have been given to be dealt with. best for you for taking the canines in. unhappy how many human beings do no longer want a clue whilst they get a canines.

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