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How did King Arthur get the Round Table?

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    The Table fabled to been made by Merlin at Carduel for U Pendragon, Uther gave it to King graunce, of Cameliard, who gave it to Arthur when the latter married Guinever, daughter. It was circular to prevent jealousy on the score of precedency; it 150 knights, and a place was left in it for the San Graa!. The first reference to it is in Wace's Roman de Brut (1155); these legendary details

    are from Malory's Morte d'Arthur, III, i and imay be the iThe table shown at Winchester.

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    The myths of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table have remained popular tales in Western culture.

    Arthur was incarnated as the illegitimate son of Uther Pedragon and Queen Igraine of Tintagel. Brought up in secret, he pulled out the magical sword Excalibur from a stone (Some sources say he was given the Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake), and could thus claim his right to be king.

    In his early years he united Britain, defeated the Romans and establisdhed a fantastic, magical court at Camelot.

    He married the beautiful princess Guinevere and created the Round Table, where warriors, mortals and magicians lived in harmony far away from the mortal world.

    How did King Arthur get the Round Table ???

    He did not get the Round Table ..... He created the Round Table.

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  • Fitz
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    His father (Uther) died leaving him in charge. Being more of a soldier than anything else, he valued the word of his fellow soldiers. According to the story, he made his men equal to him as long as they were sitting at the table. A round table has no head giving everyone equal standing in their opinion.

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  • Marvin
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    I think he had it custom made. I'm pretty sure he didn't buy it at Bob's Discount Furniture. :-)

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