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What is a good name for this female tiger?


I need a name for this female tiger. She's a typical Bengal, beautiful and strong. I would like Indian, Arabian, and Egyptian names, or something along those lines. Please nothing generic or common. (No Nala, Simba, Tony, or Stripes.)

Most likely, whomever gives me the best and longest list will receive best answer. But I don't know yet.

Thank you!

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    - Aparajita (Sanskrit for unconquered) -

    - Lavanya (Sanskrit for beauty, grace) -

    - Parvati (Sanskrit for daughter of the mountains) -

    - Vena (Sanskrit for yearning) -

    - Usha (Sanskrit for dawn) -

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    She was a 470 lbs Siberian (Amur) Tigress named "Tasha" (short for Natasha). She was amazing and elegant and fierce and loving. She could be incredibly protective and affectionate towards you if she loved you. Her sandpaper tongue could accidentally draw blood; and her warm embrace would knock you down most of the time. She passed away and I miss her. I like to remember as the Chinese notion of the Sagacious Tiger. I don't have any answers other than Tasha (Natasha) will be missed.

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    Niayla, Serena, Lilly

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