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How to change personanlity over the summer?


I'm 16, female, sophmore going into junior year next year.

I'm quiet, a lil shy, socially awkward, fickle, and have a high voice. Sorta like Jennifer Tilly. I'm what black girls say are "white-washed" because i'm black and talk/dress/act "white"...o.o. I have my own unique style but some confuse it with emo/goth. I like to add in those styles and mix it up with mine. I like alot of retro/vintage clothing and fun accesories. I dress differently then how kids at my school dress which i get alot of looks especially from black people. It used to affect me but now i don't really care. I mainly hate my voice, my body, and personality. I hate the fact that i'm quiet and can't speak up. I hate my teeth because i still have baby teeth and my gums are kinda big which i have a gummy smile aswell. I always look angry/depressed when i'm really not. I want to smile in public but i can't i just look funny and also don't like my teeth.

The person i want to be:








-Every guy wants

i've become a lil more non shy, but need advice/tips. Any mind/physical exercises to do during the summer. Btw i'm flat chested and have no butt :/ any ways to gain one? THANKS

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    I think if you want to improve yourself like that then practice. You have to have a self-confidence in yourself. You must be optimistic in everything you do. :)

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  • hard work and practice

    practice being who you want to be until you are that

    it will take work and patience but you can.

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