What do you think of Tony Abbott's budget retort?

Last night Tony Abbott's reply to Wayne Swan's budget was clear: no nasty surprises for households and scrap the carbon tax. Do you think Abbott has provided enough alternatives to the government's budget? Why or why not?

Read Abbott's reply here: http://y.ahoo.it/UTMqn

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  • 7 years ago
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    He handled himself very well. His criticisms of LABOR were reasonable. His promises conservative and believable. His bearing was prime ministerial. His commitment to end the carbon tax an absolute winner. His explanation of where he would find the money to fund various items of expenditure mentioned was clear and concise. His positivity as to Australia's future was inspiring. That he made no clear commitment as to exactly when Australia would return to a surplus was wise and careful given the false hope of Labor in that regard. His openness regarding holding the right to review expenditures in various areas of commitment according to the yet-to-be revealed financial realities of the budget once in power was wise and pragmatic [though loudly decried by Labor]. Overall, I found him credible and would be glad to support the LIBS in the up-coming election.

    Source(s): Last night's ABC speech at 7:30pm and my general perceptions based thereon.
  • 7 years ago

    I think the fact that the yahoo team had to call it a budget retort rather than budget reply shows the typical level of immaturity that Labor voters are known for.

    Tony Abbott was both sober and to the point in his reply but unfortunately all he said would be above the heads of the children that would still support the Australian Labor Party.

    The liberal governments have a history of economic management while Labor governments have a history of mismanagement and incompetence.

    Abbott's speech was one of vision and hope to those who know their politics.

  • 7 years ago

    The L.N.P. can not give any precise details of how they will reach a surplus until they are in government. Only then will they be able to see the true state of affairs. What we are all told by the Labor government is complete BS and Swan cooks the books year after year after year. Some years ago a magical pathway back to surplus in 2012/13 was outlined and immediately after outlining this "pathway" the Labor government was already spruiking a surplus that had not been effected. Now this year there is no surplus as we all knew there wouldn't be because of all the relentless spending on commo crap. In any other profession if a person took credit in this way for something that hadn't really been done this would be considered fraud!

    Last election Abbott did not sleep on election eve whilst Gillard was sound asleep. Recently Abbott rode 1000km for charity whilst Gillard pretends to cry in parliament. Actions always signify more than words.

    Excellent reply. Very down to earth and just what this country needs.

  • 7 years ago

    I find it almost comical that people forget the irresponsible budgeting and spending of Howards final 5 years in power. As for policy what prudent Prime Minister elect (Tony Abbott) thinks the average woman or couple earns 150K a year! This is high income. As for the concept that we can afford a baby bonus per child at all, we can't. As many have pointed out Sydney especially is dealing with chronic population overcrowding without the infrastructure to support it and no real immigration policy. People continue to flock to Sydney, to go on welfare and have several kids. So this policy of rewarding parents financially to have children is irresponsible when the economy is not faring as well as it was in the booming mining decade. Instead we should be looking at Newstart payments which are only 500 a fortnight. Even if you are sharing in Sydney at 250 that leaves 250 to live on. You need to look presentable for jobs, apply for jobs via the Internet, have a phone (Mobile) to be contactable. Newstart should be raised to at least 500-600 a fortnight instead of this ridiculous pittance and double standards where people who have no plans on getting work, just keep having babies get 2000 for their first and 1000 thereafter. If the couple were previously earning good money there is certainly no need for any baby bonus. This should be part of their budgeting. It is just a vote winner! As for the Carbon tax, tax is the wrong word given it is really a levy for the climate change events now occurring multiple times during the year! Also big polluters should not have had rebates. Defeats the whole purpose for charging people for Carbon production. Also all the Carbon tax has done is further increase Australia's ridiculous hyper inflated prices of everything. Hence Sydney is officially the second most expensive city in the world to live in next to Tokyo. Neither government is addressing this untenable and unsustainable situation

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  • Wozza
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    7 years ago

    He's going to axe the carbon and mining taxes yet keep the compensation and also bring the budget back to surplus in record time. You can only wonder where the money's going to come from. You can bet it's going to be from the most vulnerable people who aren't able to defend themselves. It's obvious that government spending will be slashed.

    Considering the world has just been through one of the worst recessions since the depression, Australia's economic position isn't to bad and if you listened to economists rather than Alan Jones you would know it's not unreasonable economic policy to run budget deficits and go into debt at times of economic hardship.

    Abbott is undoubtedly going to slash spending and you have to wonder, firstly, are the radical cuts he will no doubt introduce a la Campbell Neuman necessary or are they as most economists seem to believe are gross over reaction. Secondly, what will be the effect of those cuts. There is quite a strong chance it could push the country into recession and while they may succeed in lowering government debt, history has shown the personal debt will sky rocket. All in all a bland response from Abbott the exaggerates the countries economic woes for his own political gain.

  • 7 years ago

    No, I don't think he has provided enough alternatives. However, having said that he has said enough to ring alarm bells. He will scrap the carbon and mining taxes. Sure, the revenue generated so far is minimal but these taxes are still generating an income. Besides, they may improve over time. How much will scrapping the carbon tax reduce electricity costs when infrastructure costs are rising? I am still not convinced their Direct Action Plan is sufficient.

    Surpluses are great to have! We all like to have money in the bank! There are times however, when we have to go into debt. Disability Care, Gonski and the National Broadband Network are great long term reforms, investments that the nation needs and hopefully the electric national rail link will also come on to the agenda for further discussion. These are all investments in our future.

    Australia has to look forward not backwards. Tony Abbott and his team always look back and not forward, except for the Paid Parental Leave, and we all know who benefits from that.

    The fact that the Coalition has many ministers from the Howard Government isn't a bonus in my books. It is a worry! Australia had a surplus at the expense of health, education and many other programs.

    The proposed audit to come after the election will throw out all of Mr Abbott's vague promises and he will have a mandate, if he wins the election, to savage cuts. I think we need to keep in mind what has happened in QLD and NSW and of course Mr Costello's contribution.

    The fact that Mr Abbott says he will not change his mind after an election shows he is not comprising and not willing to negotiate. Times change and we at times have to change views or be open to negotiation to forward programs and projects. We cannot always say 'no' because that was what we thought 3 or 4 years ago.

    He is only saying that because he has fought a battle with this Government on credibility. I would like to see how he and his team would have handled the GFC and ongoing economic pressures. We did not go into recession and we cannot be arrogant enough to think that economic pressures from Europe and around the world would not affect us eventually. So, the path to surplus will take longer. In the meantime we are nation building and helping to educate our youngsters and care for those who need it most. I don't believe this will happen with a Coalition Government.

    We need to keep in mind the Labor Government had to work within a minority parliament. I believe policies would have been different if we had a majority Labor Government.

    Source(s): I have watched a listened to many articles by many commentators so cannot be precise in my sources. The 24 hour news cycle has informed, each journalist and their views and opinions have contributed. But, I have also developed my own view having experienced both governments over 50+ years.
  • 7 years ago

    It is hard for me to decide how to vote. Australia can't keep the present Government in power, they are totally out of control and even believe their own propaganda when any clear thinking person doesn't. Australia can't afford to spend with borrowed money, nobody can do it without having to pay it back with interest. Sooner or later we won't be able to pay the interest let alone the capital. That is such a basic fact but Swann prefers to believe we are a bottomless pit of wealth, well we could be a wealthy country if the debt wasn't there - but it is.

    Abbott, well, I don't like him as a person and would have total support if Joe Hockey were the leader of the Libs. One can only hope that Abbott will at least listen to the others of the party and not be so arrogant as to go it as a one man band like Gillard has done.

    So that sort of leaves no option, stay with the proven incompetent Labor or hope for better and hope they realize the Voters have a say in who they employ. After all, it is us who give them the job...

  • 7 years ago

    Mr .Abbott did not give me any clear example of how he was going to improve the economic situation. He kept on mentioning the millions that were wasted by the Labor government ,but he forgot to tell us ,that these 'wasted' millions were originally obtained by slashing and skinning the Australian workers by the previous Howard Liberal government. He was clever to hide this because he definitely intends to do the same and more rampaging through the essential public services and public assets .Just like his mentor Howard did in the past. He promised to abolished the carbon and mining tax. It doesn't take a genius to figured out which Australian Families will Abbott and the Liberals be looking after! Obviously not mine or yours ,but Reinhardt's Palmer's and other billionaires. I think Mr. Abbott is not reliable ,he is not a true representative to all Australians, If him and his Liberal Party were to be victorious on the next election, not even god will be able to save us from the slashing ,burning and teaming of every essential service we now take for granted.! Who is the real liar? I don't trust Mr. Abbott with my future, and I believe he is very shifty politician .I am an ordinary worker , not a billionaires .

    true Lier

    Source(s): My perception from The budget reply.
  • 7 years ago

    Tony Abbott was outstanding and it makes me feel a little easier, that he will be our Prime Minister shortly. Can't come soon enough. He is going to inherit a bigger deficit than Labor has stated. Labor knows they will be badly defeated at the election and have done and are doing everything in their power to make things difficult for a Liberal Government. Tony Abbott and the Liberal party are aware of it and know they will inherit a financial time bomb and a big mess. No other Labor party has built such a foundation of 'Hate' towards an opposition. gillard, the communist and her ministers are really second or third class citizens with the way they treat their fellow man. They will suffer accordingly when put out of office. DISGUSTING FEDERAL LABOR.

    Source(s): By keeping my eyes and ears open. Attending political meetings and really finding out the truth about this federal Labor Party. Many Australians are not aware of what they have really done behind the scenes.
  • 7 years ago

    There a lot of fools who believe that the Rabbit will fix it all for them. I hope they all loose their jobs when Abbott the Babbitt gets in. I remember when Tony Abbott went to John Howard and said I can get you heaps of cash-flow by cutting the guts out of the Federal Health Fund to the State Governments which all went to chase those Weapons of Mass Destruction that Iraq didn't have. Now that was the biggest lie the world has seen in 2,000 years. Where are those WM-D's Tony Abbott it was all a lie the biggest lie of all told to us by John Howard and the Bush camp followers.

    Abbott will never stop the boats and if you think he can then pigs can fly.

  • 7 years ago

    No he hasn't given any honest comments on what his budget will be like. He is waiting right until the last minute. Mr Abbott couldn't give a straight answer even if it was written in front of him. He is pandering to the rich like he always does - scrape the mining tax but keep all the benefits - how does he expect to pay for them??? Again it will be the low income workers who will suffer, cut spending to government school whilst spending on those who can afford to go to private school and university. Mr Abbott is another John Howard - says he will not do something and if he gets in do a turn face like Howard did with the GST - what was the saying, "read my lips there will be no GST while I'm the PM". He is more focused on the parental leave payments which none of his colleagues agree with, and how does he expect small business to being able to pay for that.

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