dell latitude led blink beep codes?

I get 9 blink codes on a Dell latitude 110L before boot - does anyone know what the error is ?

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  • Bob
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    8 years ago
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    Here is some information from Dell that will help. The links below will help you...

    You may run a diagnostic test on system hardware to ensure correct functionality of system hardware by following the steps below:

    • Restart your computer and tap F12 at Dell logo.

    • Highlight 'Diagnostics' and hit Enter.

    • Make a note of error code if any.

    If the test fails and generates any error code, it might be issue with system hardware and might need replacement. If the diagnostics pass, you may perform a clean boot to remove the unwanted programs and services from start up. For more information on this, you can refer to link:

    Here is a phone number for parts 1-877-717-3355

    Dell Hot Topics:

    Drivers Download:

    Windows 8 Upgrade Info:

    Parts and Upgrades: Phone 1-877-717-3355

    Dell Hardware Diagnostics:

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  • oto
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    4 years ago

    Hello there, Pull out all of the PCI and AGP playing cards. Remove the memory. Handiest have the CPU on the approach. Simplest hook up the power to the motherboard. Activate the laptop. Don't plug in the monitor, community, keyboard or mouse. Turn on the laptop. Nonetheless nothing. I might determine the energy provide first. That will be the most cost-effective hindrance. Rather than that, you may have a nasty CPU or motherboard. In either case, i'd chuck them as a pair. No feel bringing a feasible hindrance to an additional system. Tom the first response from Dyna.... Is on the whole the first-rate wager! Energy give. Eighty% of what I repair is energy deliver or hard force associated.

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