do i have to tell a prospective employer that i am pregnant?

due date conflicts with start date.

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    You should if the dates are conflicting. But you don't have to by law and they aren't allowed to change their mind about hiring you based on the fact that you are pregnant.

    Edit: Even though they can't fire you for being pregnant they can fire you for not being able to work when you said you'd be able to. Like if you knew your baby would be due the 25th and still told them that you'd be available the 25th. But if you thought the baby would be born the 25th of June and they needed you the 15th of May and then found out that you have to have an emergency birth on the 15th then they can't fire you for that.

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    Legally you needn't inform your organisation of any medical stipulations until you might be applying for family and medical go away time or maternity time in case you are below the auspices of that improvement. Nevertheless, in the event you believe particularly secure that you will receive the job and want to be up front together with your employer, it wouldn't damage to inform them, because it rather is the proper factor to do. You are going to absolutely be taking a few months off and being direct will manage to pay for you both an possibility to speak about how your prospective duties will be dealt with on your absence. An substitute is to attend except you receive the job after which inform them. That way you wouldn't consider you may have been shot down on account that you informed them of your fame if you don't receive the role. Faculties of suggestion abound, it can be fairly a individual resolution you ought to make, and a first-class deal relies on your relationship together with your service provider. I've attached a hyperlink to the united states division of Labor so one can provide you with a broader overview of specifics within the loved ones and scientific go away Act. Just right success along with your new job, and congratulations to your new child!

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    Well John, I think you could make a small fortune selling your story about being the first male who is pregnant. Then you wouldn't need a job.

    Assuming you are using someone else's account, obviously you have to let the employer know that you may not be able to start as planned. If you don't show up, they can fire you. You will have wasted their time and they will be pissed. You really won't be able to start until six weeks or so after delivery, depending on the kind of job.

    Be honest. If you aren't, obviously they will find out and you will never get the job. You will also need to reassure them on the child care issue.

    Legally, you don't have to tell them. And legally they can fire you for withholding relevant information. They can refuse to hire you if you are not available when you say you are.

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    I don't even want to know why your name is John and you are pregnant.... Yes you need to tell your prospective employer that you are pregnant. You probably won't get hired because then they are going to have to give you maternity leave. Honesty is always the best policy though.

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    If they have benefits, they may have a legal right to know.....

    You should check the labour and employment rules in your city

    Please, don't take any answers on here as gospel!

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    I would if I were you.

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