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Should I fight this kid?

So today in biology we disected squids and after we finished some of us washed our hands in the bathroom and this annoying kid from my lacrosse team starts flicking water at me and pissing me off as usual so I threw my googles at his face then he put his arms around my neck(since he's like 3 ft shooter than me I basically gave him a piggy back ride ) and starting whispering in my ear, and everyone around me was telling me to fight him, then when he let go him and his friends starting messing with my friend David and people were trying to get them to fight we both agreed to let it go ,especially when they started talking ****, but I don't think I can restrain myself, plus we have finals next week and I'm failing math so I don't wanna get suspended but at the same time I still wanna **** him up

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  • 7 years ago

    Be the better man and let it go. If something like this happens and you start a fight when your out of high-school, your pretty much almost sure to be facing legal charges. It's better to walk away and only fight when your safety or others is on the line. Letting a little bit of pride go is never a bad thing and it will keep you from trouble and will help you mature much quicker.

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  • Hiiii
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    7 years ago

    3 feet shorter? give him the strongest punch to the face you can the next time he fuks with u. if you are worried about repercussions, make sure there are witnesses, and when he goes for your throat, learn how to deflect his hands and counter with a sweep or a kick or even an effective arm or wrist lock. youtube or martial arts training is your best friend in these situations, but martial arts, you have to be more careful because you can seriously hurt the guy and go to jail. but make sure you have a reason to fight back, or else it wont be classified as self defence in court, it would be assault or battery.

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  • 7 years ago

    Grow up. With that short of a temper you will be failing a lot more things in your life than just math.

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