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What is going on with the situation in Benghazi and the white house?

I keep seeing it on the news with President Obama and Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice and others. I'm not sure what they are talking about. Can someone please tell me what's going on in layman's terms? Also what are they talking about with the IRS? I'm so confused.

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    On Sept 11, 2012 the US embassy in Benghazi was attacked killing 4 Americans including the US Ambassador to Libya. If you recall there was a presidential election occurring at time.

    Congress has been trying to piece together the details of what happened. In the aftermath of the attack the story (a.k.a. talking points) coming out of the Dept of State and White House kept evolving, where the White House was pointing fingers at the CIA claiming they kept modifying the story. It's not really important what the talking points were as much as who was changing them and why. It's since been learned (the current reason this is in the news again) that the White House was very much involved in the creation of the talking points during the days immediately following the attack.

    So, either the White House had no idea what really happened and just made up stuff, which makes them look incompetent or the White House twisted the message to be most favorable to the presidents campaign ambitions. If the attack was a terrorist attack, Americans being the vengeful lot that we are would want to go kick some butts in Libya. This of course would have started another military conflict which likely wouldn't help get Obama reelected.

    The IRS issue is that certain organizations, like churches and political groups file for tax free status. Apparently the IRS has been being tough on groups whose charter contains certain words like "tea party" when they apply for tax free status. In layman's terms the IRS was singling out particular groups due to political leanings.

    The bigger issue in the news is that the Dept of Justice was illegally investigating the communications (texts, emails, phone calls) of several AP (Associated Press) writers. In this case the AP reported details of foiled a terrorist plot that only the people close to the investigation should know. The Dept of Justice was trying to determine who leaked the information to the press. This goes against the constitutional provisions regarding illegal search and seizure and freedom of the press. The Dept of Justice is part of the executive branch of the government, Mr. Obama being the top dog in that organization. Mr. Obama and specially the Dept of Justice are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. If any of these scandals are going to cause heads to roll, this should be the one. Eric Holder (Attorney General) should be fired and if it's determined Mr. Obama was aware of these actions that is an impeachable offense.

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    Here is the answer I posted on a similar question:

    A US Official was killed in Benghazi, Libya by terrorists. After the attack various politicians claimed that the attack was caused by a protest over a youtube video that went out of control and, they also claimed that Obama and Hilary Clinton didn't know about the attack tell the morning after.

    It now is known that the attack had nothing to do with a youtube video, that Obama and Clinton both new about the attack and were speaking with the US Official that was killed during the attack. Despite the US Official's repeated request for Military reinforcements be sent from US Bases in Italy to help repel the attackers the reinforcements was never sent. Those are the facts that we know happened. There are various conspiracy theories about gun running gone wrong similar to Fast and Furious but that has not been proved.

    All that I know about the IRS scandal is that they where asking for information and monitoring various conservative groups like the Tea Party, 9/12 Project, and probably others. I don't know much about the IRS scandal so that's all I can tell you.

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    Not sure about the IRS but bout Benghazi they it can be avoided.If everything can be avoided then there won't be no terrorists.if one is killed in his bathroom the opposing pary will come with why there was no security personnel in there with the victim.If it's possible then few will survive coz the poor will be working as a security guard for the few big wigs.And mostly is a war of the words.Why the CIA didn't say attacks instead of protesters so we send a fighter jet in a backyard.

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    because of the fact it may ruin his b.s. tale related to the YouTube video and the so-called loss of assistance. This guy denied assistance over an prolonged era and as much as the form, and informed people who could are available in to assist to stand down. He has blood on his hands, and worse than that, he remains attempting to cover up. He and his administration assure us we will discover out what occurred AFTER the election. incorrect. We have already got a great image and curiously like treason.

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    It's like a heard of cats trying to cover up their crap on a tin roof.

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    Family problems ?

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